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Bringing famous scientists back to life and listening to them talking about God and science


Bringing famous scientists back to life and  listening to them talking about God and science

For Louis Pasteur, I used free invented text ( see below). The others are 1:1 quotes

I am Louis Pasteur, French chemist and microbiologist renowned for my discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization, the latter of which was named after me.  The American Chemical Society polled experts some time ago to identify the most beautiful experiment in the history of chemistry, they responded by giving the highest ranking to my separation of mirror-image molecular forms of tartaric acid, conducted just a year after I gained my doctorate at the Ecole Normale in Paris, in 1845. My experiments paved the way to the discipline of microbiology, as well as the way to the discovery, at the end of the nineteenth century, of nature’s molecular catalysts: enzymes, the key agents of biochemistry.  Living organisms make precise distinctions between chiral molecules. In all living systems, homochirality is produced and maintained by enzymes, which are themselves composed of homochiral amino acids that are specified through homochiral ribose, which is the backbone of DNA and produced via homochiral messenger RNA, homochiral ribosomal RNA, and homochiral transfer RNA. No one has ever found a plausible abiotic explanation for how life could have become exclusively homochiral. in life, the homochirality of amino acids, for example, is synthesized and achieved by specialized enzymes, called aminotransferase, which turn amino acids left-handed homochiral. In nature, however, they exist in racemic, mixed form, left, and right-handed. That is a major, unsolved abiogenesis problem, and has persistet since I discovered homochirality, over 170 years ago. I believe that life only comes from life.  Little science takes you away from God but more of it takes you to Him.

Pasteur’s Crystals and the Beauty of Simplicity

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Charles Darwin quotes on God & religious beliefs

The apostle Pauls’s image is based on paintings in the catacombs in Rome:

Based on these paintings, the Landeskriminalamt of North Rhine-Westphalia reconstructed the apostle Pauls’s face.  

William Whewell

John Herschel

Working Gears in Plant-Hopping Insect – by evolution, or design?

Like many other Creationists, I would like to honor the name of Louis Pasteur, who is the topic of this thread. Us Creationists, we see him as the founder of modern Creationist Science, This is due to his work in debunking the ancient anti-Creationist concept of spontaneous generation. Pasteur summarized the result sof his work in the law "Life comes only from life." Other Scientists have tried to falsify his law. Over the last several generations a massive international effort to falsify it has been undertaken by top gurus, including Nobel prize winners . Although one seldom sees it acknowledged in the popular or the scientific press that the effort has been a total flop. It is accurate to say, that the effort is further from its goal now than anyonee dreamed it would be when it first began 100 years ago. Of course, life has not always existed on the earth, or anwhere else in the universe. So life had a beginning. So the first life did not originanlly come from life because back them there was no life for it come from. Thus Pastuers Law is false. Since all evidence shows the first life cant come naturalistically, the obvious alternative is a supernatural cause. Hence we ahve the modification of Pasteur's Law, to account for the orin of life. It is called the Creationist Law of Biogenesis Absent Divine intervention, life comes only from life The Creationist Law is settled science, according to the very defintion of a settled scientific law. That is, it is 1) supported by all evidence, 2) falsifiable in principle (by making life in a lab) and 3) it has never been falsified in spite of that huge effort to do so. On a differnet topic, Pyromaniac@6 wrote "If you wanted to know what he (Dr Keneth Miller) thinks, you could just read his books". But with the greatest respect for a famed Ivy Leauge Scientist and Educator, reading Dr Millers books would be wasting your time. As I pointed out, (Tammie Lee Haynes@1) in his most prominent book, the textbook "Biology", Dr Miller misleads his readers (millions of students) on the subject of the origin of life. His misleading them was due either to 1) ignorance and incompetence or 2) willful deceit. If it is the first, incompetence, who would care what he thought on anything. If it's the second, deceit, who would trust that he himself believed anything he wrote. Either way his crediibility is shot by those few sentences on the origin of life. TAMMIE LEE HAYNES
PM1 at 6, Regarding the book, The Human Instinct, if the reviews are accurate - and I believe they are - then Ken Miller has no idea what he's talking about. relatd
Only God knows what Kenneth Miller actually believes, but some hold him up as someone who is religious and holds ‘the correct views.’
I think it's pretty clear what he believes from reading his books. I liked Finding Darwin's God but was less impressed by Only a Theory. Apparently he also has a new-ish book (2018), The Human Instinct. Anyway, my point is just that if you wanted to know what he thinks, you could just read his books. That's why people write them. PyrrhoManiac1
Only God knows what Kenneth Miller actually believes, but some hold him up as someone who is religious and holds 'the correct views.' relatd
Reminds me of when I once wrote Kenneth Miller about a typo on his web page. I told him that he shouldn't change it though, because the text was obviously evolving into a Brilliant New Idea! He corrected the mutation a day or two later. I guess he must believe that evolutionary processes happen only in highly complex molecular machinery, and has no faith in the microevolution occurring in his own textual information . . . -Q Querius
Dear AaronS1978 @2 Dr. Kenneth Miller's failings ARE in his principal area of expertise, which is Biology Education. For us, what matters is two things: 1.) Dr Miller, his peers, and many rival textbook authors, have misled hundreds of millions of students. 2) In doing so they have discredited all Biologists. After all, when the leaders of a profession like Biologist promote falsehood, when would you trust anything a Biologist says?. As for Dr Miller, he has good motives, selling his textbook and promoting his agenda, for misleading those students. But whether Dr Miller is merely a gross incompetent or a willful deceiver, I don't know, nor do I need to know. What matters to Dr Miller is that God knows chris haynes
Kenneth Miller like many scientists in this day and age decided to step out of their area of expertise and make a career out of criticizing, certain philosophical and theological perspectives. And much like Neil deGrasse Tyson, when he did that, I stopped listening to him. AaronS1978
How Scientists Mislead American Students. with Fake Biology Textbooks. They begin on page one of the Story of Life, in their misleading discriptions of the Origin of Life. Hundreds of millions of students have been misled, in a corrupt agenda to discredit Creationism, conducted by reknowned Scientists and endorsed by the academic, meida and legal establishments. Can it get any worse? A typical example is Drs Kenneth Miller and Joseph Levine's book "Biology" . Look at their description of the Miller-Urey Experiment, (which involved making organic molecules in a lab from very simple molecules like ammonia, water, hydrogen and methane.) Here's what they say, on page 554 of the 2010 edition: "The results were spectacular: 21 amino acids - building blocks of proteins. Miller and Urey's experiment suggests how mixtures of the organic compounds necessary for life could have arisen from simple compounds on earth." And that is misleading and deceitful. It is true that proteins are made out of amino acids. But not so fast, Drs Miller and Levine. Proteins are made out of homochiral amino acids. Miller and Urey didnt make them. They made racemic ones. For seventy years Scientists have tried to make homochiral ones. Their results? A total flop. Was this an honest oversight? Judge for yourself DDSr Miller is In addition to writing High School and college textbooks, Dr Kenneth Miller is a militant opponent of Creationsim giving speeches, writing books, appearing as an expert witness, and even on comedy shows. The content of his book is reviwed by 20 prominent Scientists. His possible bias is not mentioned in his textbook. Moreover, is it possible that he is unaware of the issue of chirality? His textbook's content was reviewed by 20 prominent Scientists. Is it possible that none of them are aware of the issue of chirality? TAMMIE LEE HAYNES

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