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Epigenetics, game changer


In “Methylating Your Muscle DNA” ( Scientific American blogs, May 14, 2012), “Scicurious” reports,

We know that increases in methylation in muscle cells are associated with things like insulin resistance, so it’s possible that decreases in methylation could explain some of the protective effects of exercise. And it’s very interesting to see that the authors got changes in methylation after a single exercise exposure. Of course, it would interesting to see if these changes persist with chronic exercise, and whether caffeine ingestion in humans in normal amounts produces similar changes, but I imagine maybe the humans in these studies weren’t up for the biopsies. But it’s an interesting study, helping us begin to see how changes in the epigenome, caused by changes in our own behaviors, might begin to impact our health in the long term. It makes me want to go for a workout./blockquote> Uds too, and the workout might include dismantling tenured Darwinism.

The world of life just isn’t like what they say.


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