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If humans are just animals, why should a ban on eating meat apply to humans but not cats?


Should the consumption of animal products be banned? Here.

In this book, Jan Deckers addresses the most crucial question that people must deliberate in relation to how we should treat other animals: whether we should eat animal products. Many people object to the consumption of animal products from the conviction that it inflicts pain, suffering, and death upon animals. This book argues that a convincing ethical theory cannot be based on these important concerns: rather, it must focus on our interest in human health. Tending to this interest demands not only that we extend speciesism-the attribution of special significance to members of our own species merely because they belong to the same species as ourself-towards nonhuman animals, but also that we safeguard the integrity of nature.

A Catholic university sponsors this kind of nonsense?

Oh heck, it’s Belgium. See this for some sense of Belgium (“Man seeks euthanasia to end his sexuality struggle”). And understand Brexit better.

Would the ban apply to cats? My cats caught and ate a bird last week. Do readers have any idea how hard it is to sweep up feathers floating around a basement floor?

See also: Animal Rights cashing in on homo Naledi <burials/a>

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Seriously. There is a population explosion of cats and dogs. People don't get their pets fixed. That is Reality. So it helps to eat kittens and puppies. Before they reproduce. Before their carbon pawprint gets big. I eat kibble, not meaty dog food. But I would eat kitten meat to keep from wasting it. Or maybe feed it to a dog that was fixed. I'd feed puppy meat to a cat that was fixed. Erasmus Wiffball
"Avoid eating mammals if possible." And never ever juggle them. Erasmus Wiffball
It is only smart to avoid eating carnivores. Not because they have any more "value" than herbivores, but that they will accumulate higher levels of elements and compounds that are harmful to humans. For example, tuna have levels of mercury higher than herring, cod, etc. Rationalitys bane
What bothers me is celebrities who eat kittens: http://celebritieseatingkittens.tumblr.com It's not like they are starving, right? If they or their kids were starving, maybe I'd understand I suppose. But fish or poultry would be preferable. Reptiles too. Taste like chicken actually. Avoid eating mammals if possible. ppolish
Cats die if they eat dog food. People live if they eat dog food. Maybe just old people. I heard only about old people eating dog food. If I could only live by eating cat food, I would eat it. But dog food works for me. So I will not eat cat food. My carbon footprint is smaller than a cat's. Erasmus Wiffball
The entire book is available to read here on the publisher's website.
A Catholic university sponsors this kind of nonsense?
Catholic university? Anyway, I would think Deckers' positions would be quite compatible with those of many UD readers. He's very pro-human life.
Would the ban apply to cats?
I suspect not. He spends a fair amount of time in the book discussing health concerns relating to a vegan diet for humans. Cats can theoretically survive on a vegan diet, but there are serious risks. daveS

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