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Lying for Darwin’s god

“It is not even a matter of conviction. I am certain that the five or seven scientists (mostly social scientists) on the Discovery Institute’s payroll, do not believe what they say.

Creationism (which Ayala obviously conflates with ID) is the biggest aberration that can be conceived — not to science — but to faith. It is an atrocity that it attempts to solve the challenge of theodicy; that is how to reconcile the existence of evil in the world with that of God, placing on God the blame for everything that goes wrong.

I cannot conceive anything more disastrous to religion than intelligent design. According to its promoters, God would be responsible for tsunamis, the earthquake in Haiti, the eruption of Vesuvius. Genetic defects would be a punishment from God, as well as the cruelty of nature and the living world. Did you know that 20 per cent of pregnancies are hindered before the third month because the human birth canal is very imperfect? And do you think it seriously to consider that 20 million abortions a year may be God’s fault?”

Isn't it odd? God is not afraid to take the ultimate blame for the fact of suffering in the world ... and these silly "theistic evolutionists" are always out there trying to tell him that he cannot. Ilion
Ayala is the sort of guy whose existence the problem of theodicy was designed to solve. Steve Fuller
It looks as though my Australian colleague and I posted this simultaneously -- see my subsequent post. William Dembski

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