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A.E. Wilder-Smith Interview on Dutch TV from the 1970s

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A.E. Wilder-Smith (1915-1995), though a young-earth creationist, focused on information-theoretic arguments for design that prefigured subsequent work by Charles Thaxton and other ID proponents. Here’s an insightful interview for Dutch TV that he did in the 1970s:

I've been a great fan of Wilder Smith for some time now, especially his mind-blowing book "The Creation of Life: A Cybernetic Approach," which travels from problems with neo-Darwinism vis-a-vis information theory and the 2nd law of thermodynamics, to the speculative possibility of Mind existing independently of a material substrate vis-a-vis insights from the early 1970s in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, I understand that it was this book by Wilder Smith that influenced Dean Kenyon to reconsider his position on abiogenesis and "biological predestination." "The Creation of Life: A Cybernetic Approach" is most definitely a wild trip, and one I highly recommend everyone take. WD
This man was a prophet. Wish he were still alive, have a couple of questions I'd love to ask him. Thank you for posting this very refreshing and encouraging video. allanius
Excellent interview and fascinating personality. It is so refreshing to hear the truth (scientific and world-view) proclaimed so clearly, with no hesitation or compromise. He comes as an ID Prophet and Teacher. I liked that he talks about Information and Logos as opposed to Chance and Chaos as completely unequal alternatives for the creation story. So, the modern ID movement did not appear on a dry land. If you think more about it, you realize that this ID movement is not so modern: it was started rather early with Genesis 1:1, John 1:1 and Romans 1:20. InVivoVeritas
Wilder-Smith was a great scientist and he understood very well the power of worldview. I too agree that Christians do not have to be in the scientific ghetto, but materialists want to fight this tooth and nail and I doubt we are really out of the ghetto. The Darwin Machine is simply still too powerful and effective at keeping competing ideas under wraps. This is where ID has been particularly effective I believe. So ID scientists are slowly gaining more respect, but respect for young earth scientists like Wilder-Smith is still sorely lacking, sometimes even among ID scientists. Wilder-Smith is wonderful example of how a young earth creationist can be a successful and highly respected scientist AND hold to the creationist view at the same time. He developed medicines and taught at secular universities for years and his young earth views didn't seem to cause a problem. That however, would probably not be possible today, unfortunately. tjguy
Thanks Dr. Dembski for finding this old nice fossil it fits right with the theory ;-) sxussd13
Fascinating interview, thanks for posting it. Four decades on and atheistic evolutionists still cannot handle the searching arguments and penetrating points that Wilder-Smith makes. Indeed, if he was armed with 21st century science, his anti-materialist position would be even stronger, not weaker. The fact that he was a young-earth creationist doesn't detract from his position at all. Indeed, we pander to the haters far too much when apologise for creationists, even young-earth ones. After all, all of the greatest scientists who ever lived were unashamed creationists: including Einstein! As a non-Christian, I particularly liked - and agreed with - his closing remark: "I do think the days are over when the Christian has to be in the scientific ghetto because we have all science behind us." Chris Doyle

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