3 Replies to “Another ID example bites the dust — Mt. Rushmore evolving!

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    crandaddy says:

    Oh no! Now we’ll have to figure out if that fifth face is intelligently designed or not. Oh wait, it’s from the “Brights”. The answer is no.

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    bFast says:

    C’mon Dr. Dembski, of course Mt.Rushmore is designed. This is a classic example of mimicry. The evolution of Rushmore can be traced back to paper money being lost on the hill by early hikers. Further more, the clear selective advantage that the rock has with this mimicry is survivability. Because of the distinctive likenesses to common currency, people throw money at the rocks to preserve every nuance. I don’t know what the issue is here.

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    saxe17 says:

    That photo of Bob Witherspoon is hilarious.


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