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Ants from hell


No, not really. Just from 99 million years ago:

”Hell ants have two features found in no living species: highly specialized scythe-like mandibles and a wide diversity of horns that are present on what is essentially the forehead,” Phillip Barden, a paleontologist at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and lead author of the paper, tells Katie Hunt of CNN.

Paleontologists have long suspected that unique mouthparts of the 16 known species of hell ant hinged shut vertically, rather than horizontally as is the case in all living ant species. But the newly described specimen is the first hard evidence that this is indeed how these early ants sharp jaws functioned, the researchers report this week in the journal Current Biology.

Alex Fox, “Amber Fossil Shows ‘Hell Ant’ Was Unlike Anything Alive Today” at Smithsonian Magazine

Paper. (open access)

This’ll help you sleep. 😉


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