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Apologetics Academy webinar, with Paul Nelson, on ontogenetic depth – is it real?


Jonathan McLatchie writes to say, “This week we will be joined by philosopher of biology Dr. Paul Nelson, who will discuss the concept of ontogenetic depth and why it matters to evolutionary theory.”

9pm British time (4pm Eastern / 3pm Central / 1pm Pacific (Time zones.)

In this session, Discovery Institute senior fellow Dr. Paul Nelson will explain why “ontogenetic depth” matters to evolutionary theory (and intelligent design), and why reports of the concept’s uselessness, or death, are wrong. Despite being currently impossible to measure — and Paul will show why — ontogenetic depth is nonetheless real and important.

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I believe poiistra was probably referring to scientifically useful. jdk
polistra @2:"If you can’t measure it and can’t define it clearly and straightforwardly, it’s not worth thinking about." If this assertion were widely adopted it'd certainly empty life of just about everything that makes it liveable. We'd have to acknowledge that thinking about things like love, beauty, justice, meaning, good, and a host of others, is just a waste of time. Dick
I tried to read some of the "background material" but couldn't find a useful definition. Nelson keeps saying but first, but first, but first,,,, in an ever-receding set of prerequisites that never seems to converge on an actual definition or plan to measure his unmeasurable hooey. If you can't measure it and can't define it clearly and straightforwardly, it's not worth thinking about. polistra
Here is a facebook link for those who missed it:
Paul Nelson, on ontogenetic depth - video https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.mclatchie/videos/10155900488866943/

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