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Atlantic: 150 years biology upended?


Someone found out that lichens involve more than one fungus with the algae?:

“The findings overthrow the two-organism paradigm,” says Sarah Watkinson from the University of Oxford. “Textbook definitions of lichens may have to be revised.”

“It makes lichens all the more remarkable,” adds Nick Talbot from the University of Exeter. “We now see that they require two different kinds of fungi and an algal species. If the right combination meet together on a rock or twig, then a lichen will form, and this will result in the large and complex plant-like organisms that we see on trees and rocks very commonly. The mechanism by which this symbiotic association occurs is completely unknown and remains a real mystery.” More.

If that’s these people’s idea of a revolution, one wonders what they’d think if Darwinism were overthrown.


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Funny and yes. Another point always well documented by UD is how, easily, corrections take place because of a wee bit more research in these small circles that study biology details. Why was the SCIENCE wrong before? Why did they, how could they, get it wrong? Origin subjects are really studied by few people relative to anything else studied. Easily they did and could skrew up investigation, reasoning, and actual scientific methodology. Robert Byers

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