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But the Big Cool cannot talk about evolution as if reality mattered

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More rubbish about evolution at a highbrow US mag? From David Klinghoffer at ENST:

… no matter what you say, no one will challenge you other than some of those intelligent design rascals and you know you can automatically dismiss anything they say.

Case in point: former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson’s recent article for The Atlantic, “The Last Temptation,” tracing the supposed “shame” and “disgrace” of Evangelical Christians who support Trump back to an original sin, namely — of all things — their rejection of evolution. I wrote about that earlier here. In a new ID the Future episode, Jay Richards talks with Mike Keas about this lengthy article, and encourages everyone to read it in full.

Gerson is an Evangelical himself who contributes a regular column to the Washington Post where he articulates, says Jay, “what the officially smart people believe.” Dr. Richards observes, regarding the evolution controversy, “Gerson knows almost nothing about this debate.” But that’s OK because he holds the “officially smart” position, and thus can get away with saying anything: … More.

I know that Klinghoffer is a good and smart person.

But I wish he and a bunch of other people would get this part of the story right: A Big Cool Person should not know facts.

That would imply that The Big Cool inhabit the same world as the rest of us do. We could have a serious discussion about the strength and weaknesses of current evolution theory.

Admit that and Big Cool is dead.

It always depended on an alternative version of reality.

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    I’ve seen this article, and have responded, in-line, to it.
    My remarks cover much more ground than the evolution/intelligent design comments of the author, and you can see my full annotated critique at the bottom of this post. But immediately following, prefaced by [dlj: are my comments to Mr. Gerson.

    [dlj: “Evolution is a fact. It is objectively true based on overwhelming evidence.” This quote from just above is false and shows clearly how strong the bias and stranglehold remain against alternative views such as Intelligent Design (ID) and Creation Science. Heresy against the dogma of Darwinian evolution is a dangerous course to take if one desires a career in academia or the life sciences. Careers are destroyed, and tenure withheld or withdrawn if ideas such as ID or Creation Science is brought into the discussion of life sciences and how life originated and propagated on the earth, and we see from this very article that such bias is also strongly held in segments of the Christian church. Take a look at https://freescience.today/stories/ to see for yourself the career ending and career threatening agenda of the Darwinist lobby. The truth is that there is much controversy concerning evolution, and overwhelming evidence pointing to intelligent design in nature as opposed to evolution. Spend some time in such web sites as the Discovery Institutes https://evolutionnews.org/, https://uncommondescent.com/ and http://www.icr.org/homepage/ to see much good reporting of the evidence pointing towards design. In particular look at the 81-part Evolution News series “The Designed Body,” at https://evolutionnews.org/2016/09/in_conclusion_a/ to see the many purposeful and functional machines that make up the human body, and then reflect on your own position.
    My observations lead me to believe that much of the cause of the decline in American church attendance among young people is because many have been relentlessly exposed to the dogma of Darwinian Evolution with seldom any counter views allowed into these young minds. Ideas such as Theistic evolution as an attempt to put God into the process of essentially atheistic evolution fall flat, and so many young people simply reject the Bible and the Christian church as being anti-science, anti-reason and irrelevant. When the very first verse in the Bible “In the beginning God created …” is rendered false, whether by atheistic evolution or theistic evolution, young people have no reason to read and study further. Walla … church attendance declines. When a young mind finds that so called “experts” have invalidated the very first verse in the Bible, many will then press on with a very evangelical fervor in studying the various works of prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins. Searchers continue to seek answers to life’s existential questions in philosophies akin to the Playboy Philosophy, and/or the current cultural fads such as ‘gender identity.’]

    Here is my full remarks.

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