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Casey Luskin Op-Ed in U.S. News & World Report


Casey Luskin’s thoughts on tomorrow’s Darwin Day celebrations here:


Yes it would be. Casey has better things to do and I don't mind taking out the trash. Joseph
Congratulations Joseph! I salute any pilot that's made it to retirement! scordova
That would be great. critter
Me ;) Joseph
JackInhofe, Casey just needs a little "seasoning". And most Darwinists' websites don't deserve a response. However if you think ID needs someone to "mix it up, don't back down, stick the evidence in your face and make you eat it", so to speak, I know the perfect guy. And he just happens to be recently retired so he has the time. Joseph
As much as some hate to admit it- it is the socialist leftists by and large that are in love with Darwin's view of evolution. Anyone who claims not to see the connection is full of it. Compare for example free market philosophy with evolution education in public schools. The free market ideology is one about allowing people to go out on their own spirits and own efforts and see what they can bring to the table and accomplish based on their own productive nature. The leftist ideology of controlling the classroom's market of ideas is the total opposite. This philosophy says there cannot be questions asked for which we have no "acceptable" answers. Interestingly enough the leftist will call themselves the freedom fighter (even though they are the ones seeking regulation and control) by claiming the free market is the true Social- Darwinian philosophy. From this perspective its fascinating as the leftist pro Darwinian claims to be combating Darwinism while the free market anti Darwin claims to opposing leftism. From this perspective it is diagonally crossed. Yet who is really fro the good? The leftist Darwinist is willing to admit that a Darwinist philosophy is destructive if you just allow people to eat each other capitalistically until the downtrodden are destroyed. That is not the kind of world the majority of people wish to live in. However this is exactly what they want in the class rooms. The want the minority view stomped out- into extinction. Despite the fact that free market philosophy has show throughout history that it does more to develop equity and help the poor than leftist economies those who want a dictatorship of the classroom still want a dictatorship over the economy. Likewise what has 70 years of Darwinian evolutionary orthodoxy in the class room brought us? When in the 18th century you had the likes of Leibniz, Newton and others discovering the secrets of the universe for which the modern fundamentals of science and physics stand on - without any help from Darwin whatsoever. They were essentially fallowing an ID world view and philosophy of science method. Only one side is asking for freedom on both the educational and economic side of the equation. The other one only claims to be. Freedom is not ignoring the questions of the many or the philosophies of those Great ones who have made their place in history- it is not telling people how to spend their money and taxing their last penny. There are those for freedom and those who are against it. And like ID vs Materialism nothing has changed - except for the magnitude of the struggle. In my opinion there is nothing wit ha compromise of both views both in the classroom and in the economy- but only one side is seeking extermination and that is Leftist Darwinists. Whether it is through the courts or through though the congress- they are the ones telling people what they have to do- what they want them to do. Frost122585
President Barack Obama, the nation's first black president, is in the Land of Lincoln today honoring the earlier president who effectively ended slavery in the United States. Abraham Lincoln was a much more significant figure in history than Charles Darwin. William Wallace
Someone should tell Luskin not to use the word "impotent" because I read it as "important" and was confused for awhile till I realized which word he was using. It gives one the opposite impression. He got a very long op-ed. Which is unexpected. But given that he was complaining about discrimination, he can not complain about US News. jerry
That's tomorrow? Well, this anniversary is going to come and go with tremendously little notice. Nice article but Luskin though. I wish he more prominently stressed the idea that one can accept evolution while rejecting the 'blind' and 'unguided' portions. The confusion on just what comprises evolution, or evolution v darwinism, continues to dishearten me. nullasalus

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