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Darwin and the Beauty Pageant


Lest there be any lingering doubt about how far Darwinians might go in the enforcement of the dogma, it now appears that even beauty pageant contestants are not immune to consequences for failing to toe the Darwinian line. Contestants in this year’s Miss USA pageant are being asked questions about whether evolution should be taught in public schools. Fox News reports:

In on-camera interviews set to be posted on the official Miss USA website, 2011 pageant hopefuls are being asked if they believe evolution should be taught in schools, and if they would ever pose for nude photographs.

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The article alludes to the well publicized Carrie Prajean incident from the 2009 pageant, when Prajean, then Miss California, was asked a question about gay marriage. Her answer likely cost her the crown, but worse, it later cost her the Miss California title. Fast forward to 2011, and it seems that now questions about evolution, among other things, are being used as litmus tests to ensure that contestant have all the right politically correct ideas.

“The pageant officials are intimidating contestants into answering questions a certain way that are deemed ‘politically correct’ while discriminating against their own belief and opinions,” says publicist Angie Meyer, who has worked with the Miss USA organization. “The Miss USA organization is choosing topics that are not only controversial, but intimidating.”

Anyone familiar with the evolution/intelligent design debates is well familiar with how intimidation works.

Fail to toe the line and it might cost you your reputation, tenure or even your job. Now, we must make sure that even our beauty queens toe the line or else. If the evidence for the theory were so overwhelming, the gestapo tactics used to enforce it would not be necessary. As many here on UD have often said, there is way more than just science at stake here. In the case of the Miss USA pageant, it is ironic that evolution would be one of the litmus tests in the face of such overwhelming evidence for intelligent design staring everyone at the pageant in the face!

Thought police censorship, outing and penalising to monopolise the public space for a favoured ideology . . . kairosfocus
#4 ...that is tragically hilarious. Upright BiPed
I nominate tragic mishap's response to be added to the "Idiot's Guide to Answering Beauty Pageant Questions" Joseph
It's all connected, Mung. First the wearing of clothing is totally religious- if we were meant to wear coverings we would have evolved them. But obviously we shed ours, so cloths go against what naure intended. Now I'm all wound up... :) Joseph
2011 pageant hopefuls are being asked if they believe evolution should be taught in schools, and if they would ever pose for nude photographs.
Are the two somehow connected? Mung
I would like to help out those poor girls by preparing a response. "I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to understand evolution because, uh, some . . . people out there in our nation don't have Darwin and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over HERE in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future, for our children." tragic mishap
It would be great if the contestants shot back with "What do you mean by 'evolution'"? And then carried on with "Neither Intelligent Design nor Creationism is anti-evolution." Joseph
Here would be a good answer for the contestants to give the beauty pageant judges: The Script - Science and Faith with Lyrics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCZOGANCOKE =========== along that same line: Here is CMA's breakthrough music video of the year: The Band Perry - If I Die Young http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NJqUN9TClM bornagain77
Amen about intelligent design and beauty. In fact this YEC guy would say there is no such thing as beauty but simply right answers and wrong ones. I say beauty is only a human invention because mostly their are wrong answers of how , for example, the human body should look. Its not in the eye of the beholder but is in clear lines of symmetry. Thats why we know it when we see it. We just see the exact right computation of flesh/muscle/etc relative to bones likewise exact proportion. Beauty is a clue of a creators original model. WE just see so little we imagine beauty as a higher level. Rather then its the only right one. Same with animals. That they would punish wrong ideas demonstrates what started long ago after attacks by liberals/feminists. The contests are not just about beauty but the status of women in society. so they must have the right answers to uphold a high intellectual standard. Likewise the most important matters. I noticed, and ruined the fun for me, that they selected girls for the states and for the final ten etc with an eye to identity. Black, Mexican etc, Asian, others. were being obviously promoted for the great identity politics that run modern America. These people demonstrate their belief that modern America must be kept a eye on and a close hand where ever anything reaches a audience. Robert Byers

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