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Darwinists need to recruit Paris Hilton to sell their product . . .


Right now this is how Darwinists are selling their product:

Watch this video:

This is how they need to sell their product:

Go here: http://www.spicyparis.com/index.html.

Here’s what recruiting the right people means to an ad campaign (which is what Darwinism has become):

The Story of ‘Rethink Recruiting’

By John Younger, CEO of Accolo

While flying home from Chicago, Jack Phillips, our VP of Sales, and I were reading the front page story in USA Today about the controversial Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr. advertisement. It struck me that she has probably never eaten a hamburger and certainly has never washed a car. Washing the car while wearing stiletto heals was the final piece that launched us into action. This could easily be tied to hiring the right person. With this in mind, we proceeded to create a 30 second spoof video entitled Rethink Recruiting, emphasizing how hiring the right person makes all the difference.

What happened next may be the beginning of urban lore.

We placed the video spoof on its own web page on Friday, June 10th with no links to it from anywhere on the Accolo site. We were concerned about offending companies and job seekers who come to accolo.com and may not have seen the Paris Hilton version.

We notified a few people and had a total of 30 downloads that night. By Tuesday morning at 9:51am, four days later, the traffic to the page exceeded our ISP’s bandwidth. We had over 80,000 downloads that day alone, and had to move the clip to two subsequent ISP’s to handle the traffic.

Our parody has been seen by over 15 Million (yes million!) people. It has been the #1 most visited link on the Accolo.com site since June 2005 when it was released. It gained so much momentum that it was added to the web page that contains the original Paris Hilton commercial (http://www.spicyparis.com/).

Accolo and this spoof have been featured on a segment of Good Morning America, A Current Affair, Entertainment Tonight, Tarrant on TV in the UK, Fuji TV in Japan and the Today Show in Australia. In addition to television coverage, the spoof has been covered on upwards of 1,000 weblogs as well as The New York Times, The New York Post, Star Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle among others.

By any measure, this represents one of the most effective online marketing campaigns produced in the recruiting world.

Source: http://www.accolo.com/pages/spicy.shtml

[…] Bill Dembski had a post in 2006 that showed a parody of Paris Hilton’s burger commercials: Darwinists need to recruit Paris Hilton (the links in Bill’s post have died, here is the accolo recruiting video Bill was showing to […] Do dead dogs stay dead dogs? Seversky says “no”, Neil not far behind | Uncommon Descent
Hello... Nice writing. I belive your blog should come up much higher in the search results than where it is showing up right now.... affiliate programs
Certain groups of Darwinists considered Paris Hilton's ad as contradicting Darwinism and spoke out: PETA Throws Bomb in New Haven
Last July, the Santa Barbara News-Press asked Carl's Jr. CEO Andrew Puzder about complaints concerning his company's "edgy" ads -- including "soft-porn images of a sexy babe gyrating on a mechanical bull or Paris Hilton washing a Bentley while barely dressed" -- and his company's current campaign encouraging viewers to think of animals as too dumb to live ("There's only one thing chickens are good for").... Animals are not "the new slaves." They're the first ones. They're the ones who got the worst a dominator culture had to offer, and the worst has lately gotten much worse, as a quick tour through a Confined Animal Feeding Operation will demonstrate to anyone in possession of two or three of his senses and lacking a vested interest in the company's quarterly profit statement. The larger lesson of Darwin (there are no superior species, only differently adapted ones) has not yet sunk in;
Thus the Darwinists at PETA consider Hilton's advertisement at anti-Darwinian, and that the reason food commercials are widely received is the larger lesson of Darwin has not yet sunk in. Another Darwinist is quoted as saying here:
If Paris Hilton had a theory of evolution, it would be intelligent design.
PS Amazing what googling can find scordova
lucIC: Now THAT might actually help sell their product! William Dembski
Wait one better, Does anyone actually think we could get the real Dawkins and Dennett to pose in a skimpy black number for the add, holding a copy of Origins or The Selfish Gene instead of a burger? We could tell them it would help boost their book sales. lucID
I love it so!!!! Hilarious Bill. Actually the Dave Scott double (No really Dave, black is slimming on you) in the ad really reminds me of Robbie Coltrane (Blackadder and Harry Pothead fame). ...now if we could just have Robbie's gravelly scottish voice in the add, it'd be perfect! lucID
If Ed lost a little weight he'd be a dead ringer for Jackie Gleason. DaveScot
Speaking of burger lovers... Have you seen the picture Ed Brayton added to his website? Now there's a man that has seen a few double bacon cheeseburgers in his time. In fact it looks he had one stored in each of his cheek pouches when the picture was taken. Living proof that man did indeed descend from hamsters. DaveScot
I thought that outfit made me look fat. My wife said it's my heavy beard and long hair that makes me look fat. What do you all think? DaveScot
The defendants in Dover are still looking for your technical work too. Oops, too late for that one! Maybe next trial. In the mean time, I’m sure putting dolls heads in vices will keep you fully occupied. ;) Tiggy
Valkhorn & EJ Klone: GilDodgen got it. Apparently neither of you did. With Dennett and Dawkins hawking Darwinism and thoroughly alienating the unwashed middle, the comparison seems apt. Tiggy: If you want my technical work, go to www.designinference.com. As I indicated a long time ago, this blog is my playground. When I have a moment, I'll be booting all three of you. William Dembski
Re #3 and #4: Some people need to work on developing a sense of humor, without which life is a real drag. The fat dude as a salesman for burgers reminds me of Dennett and Dawkins as salesmen for Darwinism. With friends like D&D, who needs enemies (as Michael Ruse has pointed out)? GilDodgen
We con't need marketing, we need research. What's the deal here... But wait, the article seems to suggest that the parody clip was a huge success, because it spread virally. I've seen several marketing campaigns do well because of that. So are you instead suggesting that they are doing a good job spreading their drivel around? EJ Klone
Here we get another piece of positive evidence for ID. Thanks Dr.Dembski for your continuing high quality technical output. What would ID do without you? Tiggy
What does this have to do with Evolution or ID? valkhorn
I may never eat a hamburger again...ever! DonaldM
Now that's just plain ulgy. mike1962

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