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Denton on the growing chorus of dissent

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From Michael Denton,’s Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis,

Admittedly, there are still many prominent figures such as Michael Ruse, Jerry Coyne, Daniel Dennett, and Richard Dawkins who strictly adhere to a pan-adaptational framework and to the notion that all macroevolutionary phenomena, from the origin of life to the origin of man, can be generally accounted for by the same mechanism, cumulative selection, that works at the microevolutionary level. But despite these dyed-in-the-wool Darwinists, there is now a growing chorus of dissent within mainstream evolutionary biology! A significant number of researchers, particularly in the new field of evo-devo, now argue that macroevolution requires an explanatory framework different from that of microevolution—thus confirming the underlying leitmotif of Evolution, a Theory in Crisis. pp. 26-27

Suzan Mazur’s Paradigm Shifters introduces us to a number of them.

It’s helpful to keep in mind, however, that most of the news the public hears from pop science media is generated by the Darwin Boys’ Fan Club. Here’s predicting that change will come quietly and suddenly, the way quiet revolutions do, with everyone pretending nothing is happening. But in the end, it is okay to openly doubt.

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The dissent is very popular. What is meant is about degree-ed people crossing some threshold of right to matter in their dissent on evolution. thats a mistake to see it that way. thats why dumb ideas stick around. they are held by a few authorities and it takes forever for a few more to say the original gang was wrong. its up to evolutionists to prove their case. NOT PROVE thier authority to say there is a case. is there any, a lot, or none, biological scientific evidence for the great or near great claims of evolutionism??? No!! thats what should been pressed home long ago. Evidence, evidence, evidence. Robert Byers

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