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Design Disquisitions: Peter S. Williams on Intelligent Design

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In the latest post at Design Disquisitions I focus on the excellent work on ID by British philosopher Peter S. Williams. He has published several papers, and has many high quality articles and media presentations on the subject. His work was instrumental in initiating my change of mind from theistic neo-Darwinism to design. Highly recommended stuff!

Peter S. Williams on Intelligent Design


3 Replies to “Design Disquisitions: Peter S. Williams on Intelligent Design

  1. 1
    Eric Anderson says:

    Thanks, Joshua.

    This looks like a great resource.

    Do you know if Peter Williams is still actively blogging? It looked like the latest might have been from a couple of years ago.

    Also, you have listed quite a bit of material. I think I’ve probably seen one or two of his items in the past and would like to check out others in more detail, but there is a lot there and my time may not permit. Could you point me to perhaps one or two of the pieces that you found particularly useful in starting your intellectual journey?


  2. 2
    Joshua G says:

    Hi Eric,

    Yes I don’t think he’s still blogging at the moment but he may get back to it at some point. Peter’s work came to me when I was thinking about ID in light of Ken Miller’s work and others like Denis Alexander. I unexpectedly found them to be convincing and powerfully argued. A few pieces in particular were his paper on specified complexity:


    His broad, yet thorough introduction to intelligent design:

    And also his hugely long and detailed rebuttal to Denis Alexander’s critique of ID:

  3. 3
    kairosfocus says:

    good stuff, thanks.

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