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Dr. Dembski and Dr. Meyer Given Top Scientific Accomplishments for ID in 2009


Dr. Dembski and Dr. Meyer have made the top of the list of ID science breakthroughs for 2009:

On this episode of ID the Future Casey Luskin interviews Dennis Wagner, executive director of the Access Research Network discussing ARN’s top 5 Darwin and Design science stories for 2009. Listen in to learn how the work of Stephen Meyer and William Dembski topped the list of ID science accomplishments for 2009.

Yeah, right. William Dembski and Stephen Meyer get an award from Access Research Network, an intelligent design website. Highly impressive ... NOT. I doubt seriously either will be invited to Stockholm anytime soon to accept a Nobel Prize for scientific achievement. bachfiend
Well done, Drs. Dembski & Meyer. tribune7
Congratulations to both Drs Dembski and Meyer! Nakashima
Congratulations to Dr. Dembski for making the top spot on ARN's list. Since statements like the following from Luskin are being made repeatedly, it bears pointing out again that they are incorrect:
Let's get to the number one Darwin and Design Science News story for 2009 and that is that there is intelligent input required for life, and that argument was actually made in a significant peer-reviewed scientific article published in the September 09 issue of the journal, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics.
In reality, no such argument nor any mention of intelligence was made in the paper. Some may claim that the paper establishes a building-block for ID arguments, but I have yet to see a coherent ID argument spelled out that makes use of the EIL work. R0b
Congrats to both Bill and Meyer, and pliz continue with the good work. As for the work of Meyer, I really enjoyed and upon reading the review of the book by Francisco Ayala in Bio Logos, I was so disappointed and frustrated as well. Hardly a review, and the criticisms of the book does not even have a back bone to stand, I can go on and on.... and worst of all, Ayala even got the title of the book wrong. After all these blunders, Bio Logos hang the article in their website. Are they for a serious discussion? Shame on Ayala and Biologos for such a review. Wish to see a detail thrashing of that review from Meyer in this blog. T. lise
Congrats! I also particularly like the "epistatic ratchet" discovered by Thorton and colleges.... REC

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