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With Christians Like These, Who Needs Atheists?

Michael Dowd, the guiding light behind, praises the new atheists:  “Religion is about right relationship with reality, not the supernatural.” “The wisdom of antiquity—in all its forms and drawn from all regions of the world—could not possibly be up to the task of serving us now.  Ancient, unchanged scriptural stories and doctrinal declarations are inadequate […]

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Templeton Report: Classrooms are Under Seige

The Templeton Foundation has granted money for a study determining how the teaching and believing of evolution fares by comparison to creationism and intelligent design in America’s classrooms by high school biology teachers. In the courtroom, the science of evolutionary biology has won every battle with creationism and Intelligent Design. In the classroom, however, scientific […]

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The Advent of “Evolutionary Christianity”

Just received an email from the Templeton-funded Metanexus group. The big announcement is the unveiling of a new website: You knew it was going to happen, and now it’s here. “Evolutionary Christianity” — a phrase that rolls off the tongue and inspires theological confidence. The gallery of people on the homepage features quite an […]

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Rev. Michael Dowd Does Not Allow The Discussion Of Evolution To Evolve.

This past Christmas, there was nothing new under the sun. The folks below, who make evolution their singular mantra, have not evolved the discussion of evolution to include and invite Intelligent Design advocates to the table to discuss science, evolution, or Christianity. I would’ve thought that, since the argument is always made by ID opponents […]


New Atheists and Neuroatheists

UD blogger Denyse O’Leary just coined a term on her cognitive science blog (The Mindfulhack): “neuroatheists.” It’s a good term and precisely describes a significant segment of the new atheists. Here’s where she introduces the term: The list of “influential atheists” that inspired the term “neuroatheism” has some interesting non-neuroatheists. Have a look (see any familiar faces?): […]

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James Bradley disses Dembski’s The Design Inference — 12 years after its publication!

It looks as though the folks at BioLogos are targeting all the main works of design theorists, and the flavor of the month this time is William Dembski’s The Design Inference. Retired Calvin College mathematics professor James Bradley has been called in to do the demolition. His “scholarly” take-down of Dembski’s book is here: […]

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No More Snow in England Say Global Warmists

Please enjoy an article from The Independent titled “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.” Written in the year 2000, global warmists are claiming that snowfall is history in Britain: Britain’s winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives. Sledges, snowmen, snowballs […]

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Martin Gaskell, The Latest Victim

Astronomer Martin Gaskell, the latest victim of the gluttonous, one-minded, two-headed dragon known as “Evolution Promotion” and “Religious Persecution,” depending on which head one is referring to on the modern beast, has apparently been Expelled due to his critical remarks on evolution and for being “potentially evangelical.” Indeed, Mr. Gaskell was provoking both heads of […]

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Secular Humanists Despise Each Other and Humanity

A friend of mine referred me to this article at about the recent 30th anniversary conference that The Center For Inquiry held in Los Angeles this past October. There seems to be a lot of disagreement among the influential in the movement advocating secular humanism. Despite calls for unity at the conference, a significant […]

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“Evolution Readiness” and Other Tools for Teaching Evolution in Our Schools

Education Week has this article expounding on the fruitfulness of campaigns designed to educate our youth in the theory of evolution. When a federal court in 2005 rejected an attempt by the Dover, Pa., school board to introduce intelligent design as an alternative to evolution to explain the development of life on Earth, it sparked […]

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William Dembski Debates Cristopher Hitchens Nov. 18th

Dr. William Dembski will be debating Christopher Hitchens at the Prestonwood Baptist Church Nov. 18th, 2010. “Does a Good God Exist?” will be the topic debated. The debate will be held from 8:40 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. There will be a live webcast of the debate. Dr. William Dembski, Research Professor in Philosophy at Southwestern […]

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William Dembski Debates Christopher Hitchens

William Dembski will be debating Christopher Hitchens at the Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX, Nov. 18th, on the question of God’s goodness. “Does a Good God Exist?” Debate between Dr. William Dembski and Christopher Hitchens Two intellectual heavy weights will square off toe-to-toe on the existence and goodness of God. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, […]