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Epigenetics part of new normal in plant studies

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sites of transcription factors/Salk

From ScienceDaily:

Researchers chart landscape of genetic, epigenetic regulation in plants

New findings yield insights into how plants get their traits. Revealing a landscape of protein-binding zones on DNA, collectively dubbed the “cistrome,” shows how plants control where and when genes are expressed. Previous methods for mapping the cistrome in plant cells were difficult and slow, but the new approach, say authors, overcomes those hurdles to offer a sweeping view of this critical aspect of genetic regulation.

Lots of information in plant and animal cells is contained in “coding” stretches of DNA that have the instructions to make proteins, the physical workhorses of cells. But researchers are increasingly realizing that other sections of the genome have elements that control when and how cells make these proteins. Among these “non-coding” bits of DNA are spots where proteins called transcription factors bind to manage the activation of neighboring coding genes. More.

This sounds like another use for “junk DNA.”

People can argue till Niagara falls about whether we are rethinking evolution, but non-Darwinian evolution is simply becoming a part of the conventional landscape.

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Mendel holds back genetics teaching? (This column in Nature sounds very much like a roundabout way of saying that Darwinism holds back genetics teaching.)


Berkeley biologist’s bitch against epigenetics Cool Media like the New Yorker should be heart and soul for Darwin, including and especially evolutionary psychology. But they don’t like thinking of Darwin as a ring through their snouts, it seems.

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This sounds like another use for “junk DNA.”
Another? No it's one of the classic uses of junk DNA. FWIW, transcription factors are in happy concordance with classical neo-Darwinism or Mendelian genetics. They are just genetic loci that affect the phenotype. Bob O'H

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