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Fan worm eyes evolved independently of their other visual systems

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fan worm displaying compound eyes on tentacles/Michael Bok, U Bristol

From ScienceDaily:

Scientists examining the multiple eyes found on the tentacles of fan worms have discovered they evolved independently from their other visual systems, specifically to support the needs of their lifestyle.

Fan worms live in tubes on the seafloor. From their heads, the worms extend feather-like tentacles up out of their tubes to sift the water for food particles and aid in respiration.

To protect themselves from predators, fan worms have evolved a variety of unusual compound eyes on their tentacles that act like shadow or motion detectors, alerting the worm to danger and triggering a rapid hiding response to encroaching objects in the water.

Superficially, some of these eyes resemble those of crustaceans or insects, but their photoreceptor cells are structurally and functionally distinct. Paper. (paywall) – Michael J. Bok, Megan L. Porter, Dan-Eric Nilsson. Phototransduction in fan worm radiolar eyes. Current Biology, 2017; 27 (14): R698 DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2017.05.093 More.

Again, the question: What are the information resources that can be randomly assembled in order to produce such a result? Just because it would be useful is notan explanation of how,exactly it happened.

Darwinists invariably resort to bluster rather than calculation in these matters. That is why their paradigm is crumbling.

Note: David Berlinski’s take on Dan-Eric Nilsson’s approach is worth a look: A Scientific Scandal (on unbelieveable claims about eye evolution)

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The eyes are irrelevant if the photos recepted do not have a brainlike processing center that interprets the sudden shadow as a Threat. And so the photo receptor and the brainlike center (and of course the intermediate transmission lines and stuff) MUST arise TOGETHER. The processing center is wasteful if there are no warnings coming in from a photocell. The warning photocell is wasteful until the processing center is up and running. And then the processing center has to have a way to tell certain parts, but not ALL parts, of the organism to Run Away. And of course you don't want to run away from ALL shadows, because the smaller ones are likely to be FOOD. So this Irreducibly Complex system must work on Day 1, or it's more wasteful than not detecting threats at all. Might anyone have found an example of ANY intermediate system in use by a living organism? vmahuna
Those eyes look like they belong on a snail or slug, not an annelid! Clearly they evolved to read music and play the piano. polistra
Interesting fact: the worms will come out of their tubes even if you don't play piano music for them. RodW
They're simpler than other eyes; so, clearly, this demonstrates that eyes evolved. Sorry, Mung started it. LocalMinimum
LoL! Evolutionism doesn't have a mechanism capable of even getting beyond populations of prokaryotes- and that is given starting populations of prokaryotes. So until they break that barrier they don't have any place talking about eyes and vision systems. The word "evolution" is soon going to be known as the word they use when they don't have a clue (just like instinct is used now). ET
What more proof do you need that eyes are: a) not at all improbable b) easy to evolve Mung

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