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Fundies and new atheists have a secret sympathy?


Recently, we looked at open theology in connection with the work of one-tme BioLogian Karl Giberson.

“The Secret Sympathy: New Atheism, Protestant Fundamentalism, and Evolution” by Liam Jerrold Fraser for an argument for similarlity, from the open theology perspective:


In spite of the apparent differences between the two, a number of commentators have suggested an underlying sympathy between new atheism and protestant fundamentalism (e.g. De Botton 2012; Vernon 2007; Flew 2007; Robertson 2010) While such comparisons are intriguing, it not always clear whether they should be taken seriously, as they are frequently asserted without sustained argument. This paper seeks to ameliorate this lack of clarity through a textual study of new atheist and protestant fundamentalist texts. This textual study reveals two presuppositions shared by new atheists and protestant fundamentalists: a literal, univocal, and perspicuous understanding of Scripture, and a disruptive and substitutionary conception of divine activity in nature. As such, for all their differences, both groups share similar beliefs concerning the Christian faith. While scholars frequently critique new atheist and protestant fundamentalist arguments by attacking biblical inerrancy or metaphysical naturalism, this paper concludes by arguing that a more successful critique of these two groups can be advanced by questioning the biblical and theological presuppositions that they share. Open access

Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista

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Read about a third of the paper, and one of the mistakes he makes is assuming that both camps are being sincere in their interpretations of Scripture. But that is clearly not the case. Atheists (New or old and musty) tend to interpret in such a way as to amplify (or create from scratch) contradictions, particularly in cases where a non-contradictory interpretation is available. Thus, the stark difference between the two camps re-emerges. EDTA
Liam Jerrold Fraser did well to define the presuppositions of both Creationists and New Atheists. Perhaps he could define his own presuppositions before declaring us both are wrong. awstar

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