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Evangelical Henry Center launches “Creation Project”


From Henry Center:

The Creation Project recognizes the need and opportunity for establishing and strengthening this field of inquiry within the evangelical community, both among its thought leaders and the general ecclesial public. We believe that the doctrine of creation provides opportunity for humble and open inquiry and the potential for new insights at the intersection of science and theology. While some scholars have begun to wrestle with the difficult issues, much work remains. Gathering the thought leaders throughout the evangelical community—pastors, scholars, administrators, and the like—we are interested in changing the tone of discourse, research agendas, and public perception within the evangelical community and in making progress towards new insights in the doctrine of creation.

Friends advise that the Henry Center has a good reputation, and may not feel the need to cater to religious asshats (“God is so great that he doesn’t do anything you’d ever notice. Believing in him despite that is what faith is all about!”).

The Project aims to help stimulate careful and creative scholarly work among both academic and pastoral theologians (as well as budding scholars, ministerial students, and other ecclesial leaders) on key issues in the doctrine of creation. It seeks to aid the development of a theological approach to the doctrine of creation that is both faithful to the teachings of Holy Scripture and classical Christian teaching as well as informed by significant advances in scientific knowledge. More.

So… does that mean that Christian scholars are free to incorporate what’s changed since the genome got mapped?

This just in late last week, for example: One sixth of water bear’s genes are from microbes, apparently by horizontal transfer. As we say here, Sorry, Darwin, it’s not your evolution any more.

Meanwhile, Francis Collins has had to walk back his earlier enthusiasm for junk DNA, to support some kind of Christian Darwinism, and Craig Venter doesn’t even put much faith in common descent. Oh and Carl Woese, discoverer of Archaea, was frankly critical of the idea. Varying reasons, to be sure, but the academy is open to evidence again.

If so, Christian notables who urge some accommodation with Darwin in order to look good (to whom, anyway? As if anyone cares at this point?) should apply to Templeton instead. There is still a market for the old brand.

See also: Conclusions: What the fossils told us in their own words (“Please do not preach to us anymore. Listen.” )

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Great to see more intellectual investigation but are these cats agreeing with the bible or trying to say its not true in Genesis? There is already mighty YEC groups like iCR and AIG. Anyways the more the better. it does belong to everyine and not, as we were told, just a few [aid SCIENTISTS. They were wrong, dumbish, and possibly motivated by things other then the mere truth and so it interfered with any sincere investigation they did. Only today is creationism finally building its armuy and taking back territory. Robert Byers

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