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Hawking Books for ID on Comedy Shows

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The Hitch Pitch
By Christopher Orlet

… You are a scientist and proponent of Intelligent Design invited onto a comedy show to hawk your new book. The minute you plop down on the sofa the host wags a finger in your face and says, “Tell me why I’m wrong [about Evolution]!” You begin with the fact that evolution too is only a theory, the same as ID, but the host cuts you off. “Gravity is just a theory too! You’re going to compare that to Intelligent Design?” The audience applauds and hoots. You have 20 seconds left. You shrug. What’s the point? “Can we get to my book?” “Not yet,” says the host. “You still have 15 seconds to convince the world that you’re not a complete and total fraud.” …

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I saw the Daily Show last night. I wonder if it was the right move to even agree to go on that show. It seems to me that it trivializes the entire discussion. ID has come a long way thanks to a lot of hard work and effort on the part of many bright scholars, Bill Dembski being one of the most notable of that group. Subjecting all that hard work to comedic sound-bites doesn't seem to do much to advance anything worthwhile. I wonder if it was worth it? Did it do more harm than good by making the entire discussion appear trivial, when in fact it isn't? DonaldM
Sent it to "info" - hope you still check that one. Giff
You can find a way to email me at www.designinference.com. William Dembski
Dr. Dembski, As just an ID groupie, I don't mean to presume upon your time, but I have a little flash media item I've been working on for the past week or two as a tribute to you and the work in the ID movement. I'd like to e-mail it to you, but am not really sure of the address. If you could send me a quick note to my name at ransomshire.com, I'll reply and send it your way. - Giff Giff
It's too bad you didn't just say "Evolution is empirically inadequate and mathematically falsified as the sole explanation for biodiversity." JaredL
Giff: It should be slightly better. William Dembski
Uh oh. Is that what we have to look forward to tonight? Giff

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