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Here’s a great “molecular machines” video

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On polymerase chain reactions:

Casey Luskin explains his choice of this vid:

Back in June I published a critique of a video posted on the popular YouTube science channel Veritasium that had overstated the evolutionary findings of the Long Term Evolution Experiment. But I don’t like being negative, and so I’m very happy to be able to report on a wonderful video from Veritasium on molecular machines.

It’s an older video, from 2017, but it’s so good that it’s worth highlighting here. The animation has a fantastic sequence explaining DNA replication, showing how the helicase separates the two DNA strands for replication, and how DNA is wrapped around histone complexes and bundled with chromatin so it can all be packed into the nucleus of your cell as chromosomes…

The video gives a nice visual window into the operation of molecular machines that are fundamental to cell replication. Of course Veritasium doesn’t frame it this way, but this complex system of carefully coordinated machines cannot help but testify powerfully to intelligent design.

Casey Luskin, “Spectacular Video on Molecular Machines and Cell Replication” at Evolution News and Science Today (August 26, 2021)

Veristasium probably MUST front some Darwin nonsense to stay in good with the main people in charge of pointing others to their site. Focus on the real stuff, like the remarkably complex cell machinery and ask: Randomness?

Pursuing videos on biology, here is a series on the teaching of biology. https://explorebiology.org/ Notice, the list did not include evolution but did include genetics. Actually wrong because it dutifully mentions evolution under mutations under the list of genetics topics. And then discusses it without providing any information on it. So here too is the epitome of modern biology actually admitting there is no mechanism for evolution by the absence of any in the latest biology course. Mutations is mainly about disease and for that they have lots of information. jerry
These videos are more than 10 years old, maybe 15 years. What do they have now? Many more here https://www.wehi.edu.au/wehi-tv jerry
in the animation you can also see how a cell divides ... years ago, i watched a origin-of-life lecture by Nobel laureate Jack Szostak (a famous Darwinian OOL researcher). In that lecture, Jack Szostak was trying to make an impression, that a cell division is some trivial process (similar to when bubbles of fat on the water surface self-divide). Then i watched this animation above (this video is pretty old), and i have asked myself, does this Harvard professor and Nobel laureate Jack Szostak mislead people intentionally ? Or is he not aware of the extreme complexity of a cell division process ? martin_r
tossing hand grenades into a hanger can repair a fighter jet.
I think that your hand granate story is more realistic than the darwinian fantasy story about how a cell self-designed martin_r
Ayearningforpublius@1: Thank you for sharing that excellent information! Truth Will Set You Free
Wow, what an interesting account of some amazing research insights! Thanks for sharing it. Also, your many submissions on your web page are also impressive--a massive amount of information. I hope that at least some people appreciate it. Such videos be-clown the efforts of Darwinists who try to deify the supposed limitless powers of random change. With solemn pronouncements in the name of "science," we're supposed to believe that the equivalent of tossing hand grenades into a hanger can repair a fighter jet. -Q Querius
Here is my account of meeting a researcher that actually uses such animations. I came away with much personal design confirmation. https://ayearningforpublius.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/interesting-people-i-have-met-e-michael-ostap-ph-d/ ayearningforpublius

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