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High dudgeon over A. N. Wilson’s new book on Darwin

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Like we said, plenty of time for Darwinians to beat their iron rice bowls into hatchets. From zoologist Jules Howard at Guardian,:

Some still attack Darwin and evolution – How can science fight back? 

I can save you the effort of reading AN Wilson’s “exposé” on Darwin, which did the rounds over the weekend, characterising the famous scientist as a fraud, a thief, a liar, a racist and a rouser of nazism. Instead, head over to Netflix and watch the creationist made-for-TV movie A Matter of Faith, which covers many of the same arguments – and also includes a final scene in which a fictional evolutionary biologist, standing alone in his study, holds a rubber chicken in his hands and finds himself deliberating over the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. At least that was an original take on these tiresome accusations. More.

Right Today, it is comparatively more difficult to stifle accusations than to address them. The internet, not creationists, did that to Jules Howard.

Also, I think we are all OK with entertaining the idea that, if a more scientifically accurate way of explaining the diversity of life on Earth comes along, Darwin would be ousted. It’s just that, based on current evidence, Darwin’s ideas still seem capable of explaining much, if not all, of what we see in nature. Hence, our kids learn about him in schools and popular science books that refute his influence are treated with understandable confusion, concern or disdain.

Not only isn’t that true but it simply can’t be true. Many institutions are heavily invested in Darwinism. Some exist only to promote it. A big, obsolescent ship takes a long time to turn around, especially when more than half the crew cannot afford to know why the ship is even turning.

Notice that Howard equates Darwin and evolution, which many colleagues do not.  And Fixing doubters is supposed to be a goal of “science”?  A sure winner, that.

Characteristically, Howard wants to know how to “draw people in.” Better idea: Come out of the bunker and try listening. People have good reasons for not believing you.

People like Howard might sound a bit more convincing if they changed the CD and got up to date on the problems with Darwinism. But then their cause would evaporate.

At this point, Darwin’s friends are more dangerous to his reputation than his enemies.

Note: Jules Howard is the author of Sex on Earth (2014) and Death on Earth (2016).

See also: A. N. Wilson’s forthcoming book on Darwin as fraud


What the fossils told us in their own words

Like many of the witnesses at Dover he is known for a loose grasp of the word, ‘truth’.
True, not one of the anti-IDists who testified told the truth.
I find evolutionary scientists to be patient and open as well.
I find that not one evolutionary biologist can find evidentiary support for the claims of evolutionism. ET
So the 'hacks' of science like to sweet-talk their counterparts in the press... while scientists have little time for them and their 'owners'. Axel
Mr Wilson is a great scholar to have on ID's side. Like many of the witnesses at Dover he is known for a loose grasp of the word, 'truth'. You really should be careful about which 'academics' :) you embrace. Then there are honest journalists, who bother to research, like Miss Lauri lebo: "I found those supporting evolution to be friendly and willing to help me understand the issues.I spent long hours on the phone with many different scientists, who patiently indulged my uninformed questions. However, when I spoke to members of the Discovery Institute, they treated my questions with hostility. Most of my conversations were with John West, Discovery's primary media spokesman, and Jonathan Wells, the author of Icons of Evolution. (hee hee:)' 'The Devil in Dover', Lauri Lebo, The New Press, 2008, pp.97-98. I find evolutionary scientists to be patient and open as well. And I find ID advocates to be vacuous and tempremental, as likely to splutter and spit the dummy, as to attempt an answer to a question. Kind of like a Trump news conferance, you can't believe what you're listening to and have to go over it several times to make sure, that's exactly what they said. rvb8
The Guardian looks foolish for sure, but keep in mind that the vast majority of its readership is of the a/mat faith. It is just giving its a/mat readers what they want...no matter how ridiculous it looks to the rest of us. Truth Will Set You Free
ichisan at 2: But how will these Guardian people live? They want science without understanding or curiosity. News
Some still attack Darwin and evolution – How can science fight back? This is fake news right there for which the Guardian is famous. Science is not synonymous with Darwinists and evolutionists. ichisan
For some strange reason these "tiresome accusations" never go away regarding this "scientific theory". Unlike the Steady State universe, the spontaneous generation of life, miasma, phrenology, etc. Wonder why that is? How is repressed memory syndrome doing, btw. Does Jules Howard believe in extraterrestrials? tribune7

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