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ID author Don Johnson on US West Coast speaking tour

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Don Johnson, author of Probability’s Nature and the Nature of Probability, will be on a speaking tour:

A West-Coast fall tour starting in the Northwest on Oct 22, ending in Southern California on Dec 6 (with an Arizona excursion Nov 14-17). More details will be available when the “Programming of Life” DVD is released around Aug 1.


Don Johnson has earned Ph.D.s in both Computer & Information Sciences from the University of Minnesota and in Chemistry from Michigan State University, was a senior research scientist for 10 years in pharmaceutical and medical/scientific instrument fields, was an independent computer consultant for many years, taught 20 years in universities in the US and Europe, and since “retiring,” has done consulting, speaking (across the US and on most continents) and writing. The www.scienceintegrity.net Website has links to additional material, including background, flyers, books, and videos.

Note: Dr. Johnson’s Probability’s Nature and the Nature of Probability is a prize in the current Uncommon Descent contest, “List the five books that helped ID most written by non-ID researchers.”

Is the OP supposed to include a link to Johnson's itinerary? Mung
Semi OT: New Podcast with Dr. William Dembski: The Design of Life: Discovering Signs of Intelligence in Biological Systems http://intelligentdesign.podomatic.com/entry/2011-07-25T17_09_43-07_00 bornagain77
OT: Quantum Interference demonstrated for sizes past 'small proteins' such as insulin; Fattening up Schrödinger's cats - April 2011 Excerpt: In 1999 a team at the University of Vienna in Austria demonstrated interference in a many-slit experiment using beams of 60-atom carbon molecules (C60) shaped like hollow spheres [2]. Now Markus Arndt, one of the researchers in that experiment, and his colleagues in Austria, Germany and Switzerland have shown much the same effect for considerably larger molecules tailor-made for the purpose, up to 6 nanometres (millionths of a millimetre) across and composed of up to 430 atoms. These are bigger than some small protein molecules in the body, such as insulin. http://philipball.blogspot.com/2011/04/fattening-up-schrodingers-cats.html notes: Let us consider insulin, one of the simplest proteins. It has fifty-one possible locations for an L-amino acid to occupy. If we theoretically try every possible combination of trying to put the twenty different L-amino acids in the fifty-one places possible, and we filled a basket (large) with just one electron from all the combinations we have tried, the basket would weigh one-hundred billion times the weight of the earth!! Double Slit Experiment - Explained By Prof Anton Zeilinger - video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/6101627/ bornagain77
melvinvines; Is it a DVD of lectures/talks,,,? Probably, a lecture on his most recent book,, “Programming of Life': Programming of Life - paperback http://www.amazon.com/Programming-Life-Donald-Johnson/dp/0982355467 Here is a quick synopsis of that book; http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/Nave-html/Faithpathh/proglife.html bornagain77
What is the "Programming of Life DVD" - Is it a DVD of lectures/talks, or something else? melvinvines
Here a some more links for Dr. Don Johnson: Bioinformatics: The Information In Life - Dr Donald Johnson - video http://vimeo.com/18428844 Science Integrity Exposing Unsubstantiated Science Claims http://scienceintegrity.net/default.aspx IDTheFuture podcasts of Dr. Johnson: Double Ph.D. Scientist Calls for Scientific Integrity Part 1 http://intelligentdesign.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-07-27T15_33_49-07_00 Part 2 http://intelligentdesign.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-08-03T15_08_27-07_00 Is the Cell Like a Computer? http://intelligentdesign.podomatic.com/player/web/2010-01-27T12_37_53-08_00 The Unexplainable Interactive Computer Systems in Life - video http://vimeo.com/25320419 Don Johnson's Main Links and Presentations http://www.donjohnson.faithweb.com/ bornagain77

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