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ID Blogs at Universities

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Check out the new iDesign blog at the University of California Irvine. Imagine such blogs appearing at one university after another. Now imagine a Darwinist’s worst nightmare. But I repeat myself.

Good point, TomG. A point that isn't made often enough. DaveScot
The other factor is that computer science majors aren't putting their careers on the line by lining up with ID. I highly respect biology students who will take the risk. TomG
Agreed. A manner of thinking I constantly encounter, and which continually surprises me, is that materialists think that the parts list makes the system, with no regard for the assembly instructions (and that is granting a good explanation of the parts list, which is generous). Absent detailed guidelines about what to do with the parts - spatially and temporally - the parts mean nothing. ultimate175
I noted the president of the iDesign club is a computer science major. It might not take a designer to recognize a design but it sure seems to help. Biologists just aren't experts at design. Engineers recognize the work of other engineers. DaveScot

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