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ID — The Board Game


You know you’ve arrived when you’re the topic of a board game (look for “ID — The Movie” next).

ID vs. Evolution Board Game

TO PURCHASE: http://www.livingwaters.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=536

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Daniel stated, "I thought ID was about science. This is fundamentalist religious apologetics. Is this what ID proponents want to be identified with?" It is not a matter of ID "wanting to be..." anything. Did you see any endorsement by DI? "(look for "ID - The Movie" next)" gave me a chuckle. It'll happen and the Darw-k-inist Club will have a fit. And I hope Kirk Cameron does it, ha! Humor, get it? "We all have to make choices. And by our choices others will know us." Sure, well, my choice is I stand by them. I truly wonder how most people would react if John the Baptist walked thru our streets today preaching repentance, hell, fire and the Day of the Lord. A great majority would deny him and say similar remarks. Yet Christ embraced him as you'll see. I'm not so aloft as you to think I'm above these guys whether I agree with all their methods or not. We are all members of the body of Christ. What kind of confounded thinking are you putting forth? Also, Kirk Cameron has done more work to bring young minds to Christ and salvation than the greater majority(99%) of Christians on this planet. Reject these men today and you reject John the Baptist from the past. Both can be sited as projecting a harsh reality. You cannot deny this part of the New Testament. It is in fact the foremost message beginning with John the Baptist. Repent now, the Day of the Lord is at hand. And yet the harsh words are greeted as words of salvation within the New Testament. In Luke, John proclaims, "Indeed the axe is already laid at the root of the trees; so every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire." Truly, politically incorrect words today unlike those of Bill Maher which are nothing but the worldly views of lust by the likes of Herod. John says of the Messiah, "His winnowing fork is in His hand to thoroughly clear His threshing floor, and to gather the wheat into His barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." Again, would you say such words today? Well, some do. I'd say, get over it. Why? Because, what are the words of Yeshuah himself? See Luke 7:31-35, specifically v35 "But wisdom is justified by all her children." Truth is some people will complain about both John and Jesus. But Christ points out that both John and he are of the Lord. This lesson applies to us today. So, mark me by my choice. I stand by them as brothers in Christ. Recognizing we all have flaws and are not perfect, nor is "moderation" the only key to heaven. Get over it. None of us are more pious than the other. Michaels7
I have an idea. Why don't we get the big-guns from both sides (ID, and Naturalistic Evolution) and have a team tournament playing the game. Winner of four of seven gets the right to proclaim their side is scientific, for at least one year, or until another tournament is arranged. There'd be nationwide, probably worldwide, exposure. CNN, PBS, and ESPN would broadcast the games, complete with buxom cheerleaders wearing labcoats. (Sorry, I just got through, Saturday, sort of watching a program which presented video-gamers as some sort of athletes - it was kind of Twilight-Zonish.) Douglas
It's not ironic at all. Even though chance is part of the game its role is restricted by design. DaveScot
Though purely a matter of perception, it seems ironic to me that a game that champions purposeful design vis-à-vis random chance would incorporate random throws of a die. Well at least I hope the orange cards aren't put on a space marked "Chance." benkeshet
Is this what ID proponents want to be identified with? There are things I would not want to be identified with such as Nazism or Communism or racism (unlike a certain other worldview) , but I don't have a beef with connections to people who say we should love our neighbors as ourselves even if I don't agree with them on other matters. tribune7
Guess you can say they’ve pirated ID for their own purpose. But then ID is not intended to represent only a few. YECs, OECs can all fit under the tent.
Sure. But I object to them co-opting "intelligent design" for this purpose. They should have called their game, "Creationism vs Evolution." mike1962
Thanks for the link. I just ordered it. DaveScot
have you guys seen their banana vs Pepsi can video on youtube? I think I'll pass on this one. heh Fross
You know you’ve arrived when you’re the topic of a board game (look for “ID — The Movie” next).
In that movie, who will play Michael Behe? I propose Kalsey Grammer. oh! And I propose Will Ferrell for the job of Judge Jones. Mats
ID is not against “evolution.”
It depends on how you define evolution. The way the people understand evolution is trully against ID. Of course, Darwinists will present the "soft" definition that no one disagrees with ("change over time"), but the "heart" of evolution, and the way people understand it, is "design without a Designer". THAT is what ID is strongly against, since ID finds empirical evidence for true design in nature and in the universe. Secondly, the fact that this game is endorsed by Ken Ham, the president of one of the largest YEC ministries in the USA, shows once again that YECers have no problems with the scientific theory of Intelligent Design. (ID is neutral on the age of the earth, afterall) Mats
dodgingcars: We all have to make choices. And by our choices others will know us. Daniel King
Daniel, You can't control which people will support an idea or how they will use it. Do all those who support evolution want to be associated with Dawkins? I doubt it. dodgingcars
I thought ID was about science. This is fundamentalist religious apologetics. Is this what ID proponents want to be identified with? Daniel King
mike1962, Oh, definitely fundamentalist. And I do hope they've double-checked the material. But no, they're not open(I don't think) like many ID proponents to areas of common descent. Remember Kirk Cameron? Hollywood star who spurned millions. He turned away from the Hollywood limelight for the one true light. I do not agree with him on all issues, but I respect his courage of conviction for what was undoubtedly a tough decision and move in a very hostile environment at the time. Guess you can say they've pirated ID for their own purpose. But then ID is not intended to represent only a few. YECs, OECs can all fit under the tent. It does not mean other games and ideas cannot be produced. This is a result of clever marketing. They beat everyone to a good idea in my opinion. So, if there is a problem with the product. Don't complain, put up your own product. I'm sure Dawkins and others will respond in kind. Gosh, I guess this game MUST BE BANNED in the UK! Dawkins, quick! Send out the Brown Shirts to Burn all games of ID vs Evo! Petition the government to block all imports of ID games! haha... i think this is funny, but meaningful. The Dawksonians must be steaming when they see this coming their way. Sure, they'll mock and scoff, but they're blood pressure will be a boiling. Michaels7
(sigh). ID is not against "evolution." Apparently this game is produced by some fundamentalist Christians. They have the right to do it, but from the box and the blurb, they don't seem to understand what ID is, and what it isn't. mike1962
Hey, I noticed that the shipping weight of the game is "4.01 pounds". Isn't that a little heavy? Shouldn't it be more like 3 1/4 pounds? Douglas
In all seriousness, just a couple of days ago I thought up some potential cover art for a book I am planning to maybe, possibly, write. It involves the Sun at a distance, with the Earth in the foreground (filling up most of the front cover), and a bright light "shooting" up from what would be the area of Jerusalem. I pictured it very similar to the cover of the board game (though not exactly the same), even though today, just now, is the first I'd ever seen, or even heard of, the board game. Coincidence? Douglas
That’s funny. I thought ID was done after the Dover ruling? You get your own board game when your theory is dead and you are either “stupid, or wicked” for not believing in NDE? Wow. shaner74
Can't wait for "Crispy I's and D's" the breakfast cereal. chunkdz
Dr. Dembski. This is no "trivial pursuit." Much more than a topic in a category, it appears to be a battleship version of scientific theories! Doh! You sunk my theory!!! Hmmmm... Clever. Bold. I like it. Michaels7
LOL! When's the computer version coming out? jb

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