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Would love to. BarryA
BarryA I googled you and the first thing that came up was a picture of you on cbsnews.com talking about Columbine. What a small world that you'd be one of our blog members and spotted this article. Another link that came up showed you got your law degree at the university just down the road from me, shrinking the world a bit more. Another link came up (I only read a few of the first ten hits so don't think I'm stalking you or something) showing you'd introduced a bill in the Colorado legislature outlawing partial birth abortion. Another was you dissing the ACLU and defending Christmas carols in Colorado public schools. Interested in becoming an author here on UD? You're our kind of guy. In any case, welcome! DaveScot
"The implication of a post like that would be: look, people who believe in Jesus kill people." No one's saying here that no non-Darwinist murders. The point is that natural selection can be easily used by the wrong people to harm others, and they would feel justified as merely agents of a completely "natural" process. jasonng
This is a topic about which I have a unique perspective. I am an attorney, and I represented the families of several of the students killed at Columbine. I read every single page of Harris's and Klebold's journals. I cannot quote specific passages that are not already in the public domain (court gag order). After reading their writings, watching their videotapes and listening to their audio tapes, I can, however, assure you of two things: (1) the ideas of Darwin and Nietzsche informed their thinking; and (2) they were consciously acting on those ideas when they killed or wounded their victims. BarryA

Wow, that comment reads like it was both barrels, what is the reason for getting so worked up over this stuff jt? I don't unnerstand...
I would say that these articles listed beyond the link above are not intrinsically inflammatory, but that is (admittedly) a supposition. allow me to provide a link to an article that I think MIGHT just surprise you, but only maybe. This one I have read, and I found it, well, interesting...


and if you find even THIS article inflammatory, well, I dunno, I tried ta done ma best yall


1. First of all, when you make (or imply...I know how things work around here) a charge so inflammatory, you are basically required to back it up with, at the minimum, a brief argument and a quote or two. A link to a Google search is not sufficient. It also is an effort to wash your hands of any responsibility in making this charge, DaveScot. "I didn't say anything! I just provided a general link!"

2. Let's get to that charge. Obviously the implication here is that the scientific theory of natural selection was partly responsible for the Columbine high school shootings.

3. I would assume that the further implication is something along the lines of, "Look at what harmful effects natural selection can have." Notice I gave you the benefit of the doubt and used the word "can," not "does."

4. I could very easily link to a Google search of "belief in Christ" and "murder" and turn up a few accounts wherein believers killed others over religious matters. The implication of a post like that would be: look, people who believe in Jesus kill people.

5. Actually, let's try that. Do a Google search for "murder" and "abortion doctor." Uh-oh! Looks like being pro-life can make you a murderer. Of course, I didn't say that. I just provided a link!

6. Of course, I would never do that, because a single example of a crazy person tells us nothing about the issue at hand: the scientific truth of evolution vs. ID.

7. You say you want this blog to be about science. Please, refrain from posting inflammatory garbage that has nothing to do with anything other than your own anger at evolutionists.

I was very respectful here, Dave, and I would appreciate a response.

Calm down. I didn't dress the kid in a t-shirt that read "Natural Selection" on it the day he murdered his classmates in Columbine. This is something I never knew before and I thought it was worth knowing. If you don't agree that's fine but I don't agree with you that this information should be swept under the rug. As for your assertion that people who believe in Jesus sometimes commit murder, like that has anything to do with this, that isn't news. Perhaps if a kid wears a T-shirt to school that reads "Jesus Loves Us" and then guns down in cold blood a dozen of his classmates while wearing it that might be news. I said I didn't want this blog to be a soapbox for evangelism. I never said a thing about not wanting it to be about the politics or the moral implications surrounding scientific theories. -ds jt636

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