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Jerry Coyne’s “The Templeton Bribe”

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According to Jerry Coyne, atheistic evolutionists and ID proponents have at least this in common — they can expect no bribes from the Templeton Foundation. Read Coyne’s post on the topic here.

I've just added a new entry on my blog: Marxistic critique of Darwinism. Take it as a draft, there are many mistakes in grammar. The basic idea is that even marxists rejected randomness, graduality and reductionism of neodarwinism. http://cadra.wordpress.com/2010/03/01/marxistic-critique-of-darwinism/ VMartin
Dr Dembski Don't they have more in common than just that? Darwin and evolution implies philosophical naturalism seems to be held by both ID and atheists. Also evolution implies Deism, atheism or agnosticism, sooner or later, is held by ID or did I misunderstand your post of last week? Your post was somewhat ambiguous, O'Leary and I had totally different interpretations and I would appreciate clarification. Whereas evolution implies atheism or agnosticism sooner or later is also held by people like Coyne and Dawkins. Considerable overlap or have I misunderstood? Darwinist, Darwinian... implies both his scientific theory and his world view. seems to be held by both ID and Dawkins etc. Please I am trying to understand not put words in your mouth. Dave W gingoro

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