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John Sanford: Accepting Darwinism’s collapse is a matter of scientific integrity

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Readers may recall, that Springer-Verlag had backed out of publishing Biological Information New Perspectives when attacked by Darwin’s followers. You can, however, read it  here.

From the synopsis (Kindle) of Biological Information – New Perspectives A Synopsis and Limited Commentary , here are author John Sanford’s closing comments:

Many scientists who are committed to the standard neo-Darwinian model of life may find these proceedings disturbing – which is unfortunate. I do not think any of the contributing authors to the proceedings had any intention to offend anyone. It is just that it is increasingly clear that the long-reigning neo-Darwinian paradigm is collapsing – and despite many efforts to deny what is obvious – clearly “the emperor has no clothes.” The extremely sophisticated hardware and software systems that enable life simply cannot be built by any trial and error system. In particular – it is very clear that software can never be developed one binary bit at a time. Apart from a fully functional pre-existing hardware/software system, a single bit has absolutely no meaning. I feel that if we are to preserve our scientific integrity, we must acknowledge that we have a major explanatory problem, and we need to go back to the drawing board in terms of understanding the origin of biological information.

Biological InformationFair enough. But an even more sophisticated system exists to make sure that that does not get put before the public, instead the sort of Darwin twaddle that is easily taught, easily learned, and easily regurgitated in an increasingly slipshod education system.

John Sanford has a Ph.D. in Plant Breeding/Genetics from the University of Wisconsin. He has been a Cornell professor for over 30 years, conducting research in the areas of plant breeding, plant genetic engineering, and theoretical genetics. John conducted plant genetic research that resulted in many new crop varieties, more than 100 scientific publications, and several dozen patents. John was the primary inventor of the biolistic “gene gun” process, which was used to produce a large fraction of the transgenic crops grown in the world today. John was team leader in the development of the program Mendel’s Accountant, the world’s first biologically realistic forward time genetic accounting program. John is the author of the book Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome. John is now semi-retired from Cornell, and continues to hold the position of Courtesy Associate Professor.

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4 Replies to “John Sanford: Accepting Darwinism’s collapse is a matter of scientific integrity

  1. 1
    Axel says:

    Talking of scientific integrity, what a paragon this man was:


  2. 2
    lifepsy says:

    Sanford is, of course, completely right, and it couldn’t be any more obvious. It’s simply amazing that people still believe incremental culled genetic accidents are going to build plants and animals.

  3. 3

    Thank you so much UD. What seems so obvious to many of us, even the unwashed masses, is validated by these many scientists participating in this conference. Thanks again.

    And thanks also to the folks at Discovery.org … Casey Luskin, Stephen Myer and others.

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    The Karaite Heretic says:

    Good news!

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