Kansas Evolution Ruling Chases Jobs Away

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Kansas Evolution Ruling Chases Jobs Away
By Scott Ott

. . . According to an unnamed spokesman for the corporate coalition, the
businesses plan to relocate to communities in states “where faith in
evolution helps to build strong families and produces workers who know the
value of slow, undirected change over vast spans of time.”

“The last thing our companies need is a wave of employees who use logic to
question orthodoxy and demand proof for dogmatic assertions,” the spokesman
said. “Kansas employers are saying, ‘Give me that old time evolution. It was
good enough for our mothers and it’s good enough for me’.”


2 Replies to “Kansas Evolution Ruling Chases Jobs Away

  1. 1
    DaveScot says:

    I don’t visit Scrappleface as often as I should. Scott Ott is one funny guy.

  2. 2
    pmob1 says:

    Kissinger brought Darwinism to China in ’72. The rest is history. They have all the jobs now.

    India is next. If we don’t get rid of Dembski and Behe there’ll be nothing left here but NASCAR and fishing. (Well, ok, bible study and chess)

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