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Laszlo Bencze on Tom Bethell’s Darwin’s House of Cards


51rCibFn5xL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg Philosopher Laszlo Bencze writes to tell us his reaction to Tom Bethell’s new book, Darwin’s House of Cards: A Journalist’s Odyssey Through the Darwin Debates:

Way back in February of 1985 I read an article, “Agnostic Evolutionists,” by Tom Bethell in Harper’s magazine which turned me from passively accepting evolution to being actively angry at the lies I had been fed by the evolution lobby. Until I read that article, I had assumed that many thousands of studies documenting the step by step evolution of various species filled the shelves of university libraries. I assumed that the bulk of these were doctoral theses bound in red and dull as federal regulations but filled with line drawings of the host of intermediaries between two species along with technical explanations of their organs and morphology. Tom’s article revealed that far from there being thousands of such books there was not a single one!

I clipped that article and put it in a scrapbook that I keep bedside. So it was with great pleasure that I saw Tom Bethell’s name on this list and took that as an occasion to begin corresponding with him. We have since met in person and had some great conversations. His author photo happens to be one that I made in my dining room.

I am two thirds done with reading Darwin’s House of Cards and am struck by how gracefully it is written. It might well be a long after dinner conversation with a cultured and obliging host who marshals many personal experiences in his journey to deciphering the problems with evolution. The chapters transition smoothly from one significant objection to the next. But the tone is never strident, never angry. It is one of surprise that so many intelligent biologists would have been taken in by a theory so unscientific. As Tom explains, evolution as promoted by Darwin and his followers functions as a materialistic religion. It’s scientific credentials are limited to unsound extrapolations from a few instances of micro evolution (moths, finches, and bacteria).

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I haven't read this. And probably won't. He may have a very good argument but my disposable income is very limited so I have to pick and chose what I purchase. Someone who denies that HIV causes AIDS and that relativity doesn't exist is simply not my go-to guy for thought provoking reading. Darwins_downfall
Doesn't Laszlo Bencze describe himself as a wedding photographer? There's nothing wrong with him giving us his views on this that or the other. We all do that. We all 'philosophize' at one time or another but we don't all claim to be academic philosophers when we do it. Seversky
'It’s scientific credentials are limited to unsound extrapolations from a few instances of micro evolution (moths, finches, and bacteria).' Don't forget the woodpeckers, News ! Axel

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