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Legless amphibian turns out to have oral venom glands, like a snake

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Being venomous, as such, is nothing much for an amphibian but these caecilians turned out to have a setup similar to that of snakes, a current first:

Caecilians are peculiar creatures, being nearly blind and using a combination of facial tentacles and slime to navigate their underground tunnels. “These animals produce two types of secretions — one is found mostly in the tail that is poisonous, while the head produces a mucus to help with crawling through the earth,” says senior author Carlos Jared, a biologist and Director of the Structural Biology Lab at the Butantan Institute in São Paulo. “Because caecilians are one of the least-studied vertebrates, their biology is a black box full of surprises.”

“It is while examining the mucous glands of the ringed caecilian that I stumbled upon a never before described set of glands closer to the teeth,” says first author Pedro Luiz Mailho-Fontana, a post-doctoral student in the Structural Biology Lab at the Butantan Institute.

What Mailho-Fontana found were a series of small fluid-filled glands in the upper and lower jaw, with long ducts that opened at the base of each tooth. Using embryonic analysis, he found that these oral glands originated from a different tissue than the slime and poison glands found in the caecilian’s skin. “The poisonous skin glands of the ringed caecilian form from the epidermis, but these oral glands develop from the dental tissue, and this is the same developmental origin we find in the venom glands of reptiles,” says Mailho-Fontana. This marks the first time glands of this kind have been found in an amphibian.

Cell Press, “First evidence of snake-like venom glands found in amphibians” at ScienceDaily
did i get the article right? Another UNEXPECTED case of repeated evolution ? Darwinian clowns... it is unbelievable what they believe in .... Are they really claiming that poison and these glands evolved multiple times repeatedly and independently in various evolutionary unrelated species with no foresight ? martin_r
to Blastus indeed, these Darwinian clowns, to debate them - it is like in some mental hospital. I am a mechanical engineer, i know what is required to design a WORKING mechanical gear. I have noticed the article about the Leafhopper like 3 years ago. I could not believe my eyes, actually, i was not that surprised. Anyway, i can't imagine more obvious evidence of designed species than the mechanical gear. Mechanical gear - the icon of engineering, a typical logo used by engineering companies on their visit cards. It can't be more obvious. I doubt there is anything what could convince a common Darwinian clown if something so obvious (like mechanical gear) can't convince them... (in fact, most of lay or pro Darwinians never heard of Leafhopper's mechanical gear) The article is here: "Found: The First Mechanical Gear in a Living Creature" https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/animals/a9449/the-first-gear-discovered-in-nature-15916433/ martin_r
Another amazing clip. My occupation relies heavily on precisely machined mechanical devices. I showed a trainee a photo of the gear teeth in the leg mechanism of a leafhopper. His response? "Isn't nature wonderful!" Logic and reason are ineffectual against such a mindset. Blastus

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