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Life has stopped evolving?

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From Sarah Emerson at Motherboard:

A team of geneticists from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine and the Centre for Genomic Regulation discovered that several billion years ago, the genetic code reached a point of self-preservation. Namely, it could continue evolving and risk mutating the building blocks of life it was responsible for creating, or it could remain limited, albeit functional.

That was a really big decision an the genetic code must have been really mature to make it.

Explorations into both primordial history and our genetically altered future can open the door for exciting innovations in the field of genetics. Evolution’s successes and failures can tell us more about our tenure as a species than any science-fiction manifesto. But most importantly, if we don’t look back every so often, we’ll never know how far we’ve actually come. More.

It doesn’t sound as though we have come any distance at all. If this formula is correct. A formula appeared very early, and remained the standard.

But See also: Large numbers of exceptions to the canonical genetic code

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