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Michael Behe, Revolutionary, documentary now free online

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As we know, random changes and undirected natural processes routinely succeed in assembling functional equipment for a range of uses. Wait…it doesn’t work that way?

The Revolutionary Behe website, at http://revolutionarybehe.com/, features more information about Dr. Behe’s research, other molecular machines, and evidence for intelligent design, and the stories of revolutionary scientists changing the evolutionary paradigm. See the documentary now and pass it along!

Behe is the author of Darwin’s Black Box and Edge of Evolution

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Eric Metaxas on Michael Behe, Revolutionary

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    Eugen says:

    Great video! I always knew atheists/materialists/secularists are dishonest but they are much worse than that! They are dangerous bullies without regard for truth!

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    Michael Behe is a brilliant and courageous man. So proud of his commitment to truth.

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