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Eric Metaxas on Michael Behe, Revolutionary

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Commentator Metaxas’s Breakpoint commentary discusses ID theorist and biochemist Michael Behe’s 1996 book, Darwin’s Black Box, and the new DI video, Revolutionary, here:

To make Behe’s meticulous arguments more accessible to the public, the folks at the Discovery Institute have just produced a documentary summarizing “Darwin’s Black Box.” It’s called “Revolutionary,” a tribute to the fact that Behe’s book forever changed the way we think about evolution. It also documents how, as David Klinghoffer writes at Evolution News and Views, “Black Box” sparked a public debate that rages to this day.

Why is it so critical to understand this stuff? Well, as Ben Stein documented in his 2008 film, “Expelled,” it’s not scientific reasoning that’s keeping intelligent design on the fringe. Rather, it’s a campaign of misinformation and bullying by the Darwinist establishment, many of whom are keen on painting critics as “creationists,” whose theory is “religion masquerading as science.”

But “design,” insists Behe, “is not some mystical conclusion.” It’s a reasoned scientific argument that’s practical as potatoes. And that’s why it is so important, twenty years after this biochemist first cracked open Darwin’s Black Box, to understand and communicate the reasons why time, chance, and natural selection cannot explain the wonder of life. More.

See also: Who on earth is Eric Metaxas? And why does he think he can break the mold of Christian notables puffing Darwin?

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