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Molecular clocks and fossils at odds again



Paleontology and molecular clocks have a long, uneasy relationship,” said Peter Wilf, a paleobotanist and professor of geoscience, Penn State. “Paleontologists want molecular clocks to work. However, for years we have seen molecular dates, mostly for very deep evolutionary events, that are much older than the corresponding fossils. This situation has been a frustrating Catch-22 because if the clocks are wrong, no fossils exist that could demonstrate they are wrong. Here, we looked at many new plant fossils from the extremely productive region of Patagonia, and we found the opposite, that the fossils are much older than the clock dates. In this case, we can definitely say that the clocks are wrong. The fossils prove it.”

All we know is, no honest person should lose their career over it.

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And tomorrow a hundred oblivious evolutionists, while advocating for the theory, will claim that molecular clocks always fulfill evolutionary predictions. What a sad theory... no sense of direction... in perpetual self-contradiction... put it out of its misery already. lifepsy
its not the fossils proving IT but the geological presumptions behind the deposition events within which the dead creatures were buried. biology has nothing to do with geology. its flawed science. without the geology evolution would not be a biology hypothesis. so its not a biology hypothesis but a geology one that uses data points of biology. ID folks get this wrong too logically. most of them.. Robert Byers

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