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Newly found mayfly unlike “all other known insects in anatomy and mode of life”


From “Mysterious Fossils Provide New Clues to Insect Evolution” (ScienceDaily, Aug. 15, 2011) , we learn:

Scientists at the Stuttgart Natural History Museum and colleagues have discovered a new insect order from the Lower Cretaceous of South America.

Though thought to be mayflies,

Coxoplectoptera, however, significantly differ from both mayflies and all other known insects in anatomy and mode of life.

The peculiar larvae, however, are reminiscent of freshwater shrimps. Their lifestyle turned out to be a major enigma: their mode of embedding and certain other characteristics clearly suggest a fluvial habitat. Their unique anatomy indicates that these animals were ambush predators living partly dug in the river bed.

If so, all this raises another evolution conundrum: Darwinism (natural selection acting on random mutation) obviously didn’t even put today’s life forms where they are. But also, what about these many life forms that have flourished for tens or hundreds of millions of years, with different anatomies and modes of life that were apparently satisfactory to them. And we really don’t know the first thing about how that happens.

See also: The fossil record is proving to be less and less Darwinian as we examine the details.

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This got misdirected, I was replying to the neuroscience post and it got put here. What gives? EvilSnack
This sort of thing always looks like a trial balloon for using some grand social boon as a pretext for violating civil rights. In this particular case, it will involve handing undesirables over to psychiatric crackpots for torme experi research and therapy. There must be a cure for public dissent, we know it! EvilSnack
Denyse... you really must read the headlines before you post them! I can't parse this one.
Newly found mayfly “all other known insects in anatomy and mode of life”
Is there an "unlike" missing in there? SCheesman

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