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Nine most mind-blowing animal disguises


Following Cracked.com’s six stealthiest disguises in the animal kingdom, (here), see their nine most mind-blowing ones.

Here are National Geographic’s most amazing ones.

Hat tip: Daniel Quinones

#10 "Salty Sea Dog" http://inspectorclouseau.com/disguise.html ppolish
I love the way it starts. It's no accident there are so many. Mung
correction, (540 million year old Anomalcaris) bornagain77
12 Animals You’re Glad Are Extinct - Aug. 2014 1. Giant crocodiles (13 m. long) 2. Three-foot-long scorpions 3. Massive millipedes 4. Spiders with sting(er)s like scorpions 5. Megasharks (50 ft. long) 6. Weird gigantic hybrids of scorpions and millipedes that lived in water (2.5m long) 7. Giant piranhas (1m long) 8. The largest species of snake ever (13m long, weighed 1 ton) 9. Huge dragonflies (70cm) 10. Big scary mash-ups of prawns and squid with more teeth (549 million year old Anomalcaris) 11. Ginormous shelled squid (9m) 12. Penguins as tall as humans http://www.buzzfeed.com/floperry/animals-youre-glad-are-extinct#2mu16hl bornagain77
NG trots out the hoary old peppered moth to do its tricks again. After more than 100 years, you would think they could come up with something better. Yes, moths may adjust the shade of their wings and finches may change the shape of their beaks. (Clever designs both.) But adaptation does not equal evolution. Moths will remain moths and finches will remain finches forevermore. sagebrush gardener

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