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News’s new media blog Just what the doctor did NOT order: The doctorbot The art of medicine is to persuade the patient at risk to help himself heal.

Did new media play a role in police violence in Ferguson, Missouri? New media have sharpened policing issues because anyone may post photos from a comparatively safe distance.

Where does the decline of traditional media leave readers? Today’s censorship isn’t the church saying we mustn’t read or think that; it’s TV types telling us it isn’t cool. That’s far more effective for shutting down thought.

Is Pope Francis off base for warning kids against “futile things” on the Internet? Not by a long shot.

The Internet does not always increase freedom. It can sometimes equalize it somewhere between free and unfree.

The Internet is no friend to plagiarism. Contrary to its rep as a garbage dump for ideas

People seem to be turning against the i[can’t]Carebots—robot caregivers for the elderly

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