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    Larry Fafarman says:

    Or as a Chinese laundryman would say, “no ID, no money.” (originally was, “no tickee, no washee”). “No ID, no fundee” sounds too ambiguous. LOL

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    SteveB says:

    Great article. And could it be that the sacred cow of peer review is starting to swing both ways? The article goes on to say: “Scientists say the rejection letter aroused such interest because a four-person peer-review committee composed it and the SSHRC reviewed it.”

    In any event, given what happened to Sternberg, it’d be interesting to follow the fate of these reviewers since the SSHRC is “looking into its peer-review process because of the controversy.”

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    russ says:

    Apparently, the article (now?) requires a subscription.

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    idnet.com.au says:

    Yesterday it was free access, today they are asking for money. Maybe they are trying to raise money for their research, or maybe they are trying to stop us leaving comments. Who knows? No $ no look.

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    russ says:

    #4, I wonder if it’s even available with a subscription or if they’ve buried it altogether.

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