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Northwestern University’s Interdisciplinary Committee on Evolutionary Processes (ICEP)

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Looks like Northwestern has entered the evolution wars with an indoctrination minor. Check out this link: http://www.northwestern.edu/newscenter/stories/2005/09/evolution.html.

"For scientists, a theory, such as the theory of evolution, is an explanation of a natural phenomenon that is based on a large body of knowledge. The explanation has been tested rigorously, is strongly supported by evidence and is well accepted." Translation to plain english: "Scientists (aka Evolutionists) have stablished evolution as a fact. Therefore don't you dare contest it." Mats
"The theory that all organisms have descended from common ancestors has stirred passionate debate"
If they don't even understand what the debate is about, how can NWU be trusted to teach about it?
"Learning about the specific mechanisms of evolution can be approached from many perspectives, however, and we want to facilitate the sharing of these rich ideas."
In this case, they should include "Intelligent Evolution" among the "rich ideas". Qualiatative
I thought evolution was the backbone for all of biology. I wonder, why they would need to offer a minor in the study of evolutionary processes? Ben Z

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