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From the Evolution News and Views: Hopless Matzke.

And, for a global flood, there's the practical problem of explaining where the water came from - and where it went. Alan Fox
The combined evidence of these legends corroborates the Bible’s ancient testimony that all humans descend from the survivors of a flood that destroyed a world of mankind.
Off the top of my head, i can think of another explanation why many ancient civilisations have flood events in their mythology. The Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt. When people beagn to settle in one place as farming replaced hunter-gathering, the sites of choice were on flood plains. Appeasing the God who could prevent another inundation might catch on. Alan Fox
While flood geology may be (mis)interpreted, it's interesting to note how the world views the biblical flood. Some deem it a myth, others a fact. Such an awesome catastrophe, if it really happened, would never have been completely forgotten. Hence, in many nations there are reminders of that destruction. Consider, for example, the precise date recorded in the Scriptures. The second month of the ancient calendar ran from what we now call mid-October to mid-November. So the 17th day corresponds approximately to the first of November. It may not be a coincidence, then, that in many lands, festivals for the dead are celebrated at that time of year. All Saints Day is November 1, right after All Hallow's Eve (October 31). Other evidences of the Deluge linger in mankind’s traditions. Practically all ancient peoples have a legend that their ancestors survived a global flood. African Pygmies, European Celts, South American Incas—all have similar legends, as do peoples of Alaska, Australia, China, India, Lithuania, Mexico, Micronesia, New Zealand, and parts of North America, to mention only a few. Of course, over time the legends have been embellished, but they all include several details indicating a common source narrative: God was angered by mankind’s wickedness. He brought a great flood. Mankind as a whole was destroyed. A few righteous ones, however, were preserved. These built a vessel in which humans and animals were saved. In time, birds were sent out to search for dry land. Finally, the vessel came to rest on a mountain. Upon disembarking, the survivors offered a sacrifice. What does this prove? The similarities cannot possibly be coincidental. The combined evidence of these legends corroborates the Bible’s ancient testimony that all humans descend from the survivors of a flood that destroyed a world of mankind. Barb
It's none of my business really but Sal's deleting mung's comments routinely seems unprofessional to say the least. Mung may be an annoying troll but at least s/he is a UD-friendly annoying troll. I would have thought, given the state of ID, you need all the support you can get. /my 2 cents Alan Fox
Thanks for the information, Robert and Peter. I have never taken YEC geology seriously enough to have looked at details. Perhaps mung was being serious when he said "during". Alan Fox
AF, I think what Mung means (whether he is being serious about it or not, i'm not sure) is that the Cambrian animals, created by God during the 6 days of creation, were laid down during the flood. I may be wrong, mind you. PeterJ
@ mung Are you serious? Alan Fox
Alan Fox Well its not a issue of biological processes and claims of descent BUT all fossilization below the k-pg(t) line is from the flood year. The first days/weeks collected the material and then the turning it to stone from uptop pressure sometime after. Sections would be fossilized as in the fossils of the cambrian explosion thing. thjey are just showing the diversity of a local area. The world being greatly diverse then. The fossils only show what they show. Drawing connections between segregated depositions of these fossils is entirely based on assumptions of time of the depositions. There is no, but no biological evidence for connections between these fossil groups etc. Even if they were connected and these strata layers accurately showed it. It would still be unrelated to scientific biological investigation. Yet everyone thinks they are doinf scientific biological investigationg using fossils. Nope. A historic flaw in methodology here since they all claim science is their methodology. Robert Byers
So did the Cambrian explosion happen before or after the Flood? Alan Fox
Darwin's Doubt -- Stephen C. Meyer - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CwL7xXUriE bornagain77
This is where YEC must disagree with our ID brothers. All three points are not true. Everybody is still pronouncing biological conclusions from mere observation of snapshots of biological data points in a moment of time. Its like , from my reading of Einsteins book recently, the error of seeing objects as attracting/repulsing each other when its the inbetween material /ether/etc etc that should actually be seen as the bigger evidence for conclusions. No biological conclusions can be drawn without biological investigation of descent and process. One must show the inbetween between fossils and not the fossils. they say nothing. All thats being said is about the geology presumptions. no biological criticism is going on here ? J Just fossil connecting ideas. Evolutionism fails as a biological scientific theory because of the sin of ID folk here. YEC is right about this analysis. leave Newton and come to Einstein. Robert Byers

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