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Origin of mitochondria a “unique and hard” evolutionary problem

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From an article in Biology Direct, Breath-giving cooperation: critical review of origin of mitochondria hypotheses: Major unanswered questions point to the importance of early ecology:

Abstract: The origin of mitochondria is a unique and hard evolutionary problem, embedded within the origin of eukaryotes. The puzzle is challenging due to the egalitarian nature of the transition where lower-level units took over energy metabolism. Contending theories widely disagree on ancestral partners, initial conditions and unfolding of events. There are many open questions but there is no comparative examination of hypotheses. We have specified twelve questions about the observable facts and hidden processes leading to the establishment of the endosymbiont that a valid hypothesis must address. We have objectively compared contending hypotheses under these questions to find the most plausible course of events and to draw insight on missing pieces of the puzzle. Since endosymbiosis borders evolution and ecology, and since a realistic theory has to comply with both domains’ constraints, the conclusion is that the most important aspect to clarify is the initial ecological relationship of partners. Metabolic benefits are largely irrelevant at this initial phase, where ecological costs could be more disruptive. There is no single theory capable of answering all questions indicating a severe lack of ecological considerations. A new theory, compliant with recent phylogenomic results, should adhere to these criteria. Paper (public access) – István ZacharEmail authorView ORCID ID profile and Eörs Szathmáry

The authors’ credibility increases to the extent that they are not offering some ridiculous Darwinfix.

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What I like about this paper is that it actually tries to lay out at least some of the steps required for eukaryogenesis, vague as they may be. Mung
Yep, news at 2. And to be fair to biologists, it was only recently that cosmologists stopped with the local lottery franchise. Doing the maths of dark energy and lesser extent Higgs mass - they realized the lottery was truly impossible to win. They stopped playing that game and jumped on the train to the multiverse choo choo. ppolish
ppolish at 1: An academic version of the local lottery franchise? News
Cosmologists turn to a multiverse to explain cosmic fine tuning whew. But where can a biologist turn to explain biological fine tuning? ppolish

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