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Paleontologist Gunter Bechly on what the fossil record actually says

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In this bonus interview released as part of the Science Uprising series, paleontologist Gunter Bechly unveils the truth behind the fossil record. There are multiple trade secrets among paleontologists. Chief among them is that Darwin’s insistence on gradualism was motivated by his understanding that the dramatic jumps found in the fossil record imply intervention. Darwin hoped that time would reveal his desperately needed transitional fossils. It has not, and what science has learned since Darwin’s day would’ve shattered his hopes as Bechly explains.

Actually, we’ve known at least since the Burgess Shale was discovered that the fossil record doesn’t say what the Darwin lobby has needed it to say. The trouble is that, in any conflict between a historical record and the needs of a cultural elite … well, let’s just say that the conflict usually doesn’t last long. But the discrepancies don’t go away either.

Bechly’s own history is interesting. After he expressed doubts about Darwinism, he got scrubbed from Wikipedia

You may also wish to see: Science Uprising # 9: Unvarnished fossil record is bad news for Darwin. Fossils, we are told, demonstrate the Truth of Darwinism as the history of life. But that’s only if you don’t look too closely. Science Uprising #9 looks too closely.

Can somebody please elaborate on what he means about having fossils at the terminal branches but not the in between branches? This is crucial point, but seldom explained very well. Is it illustrated anywhere? DiscoverDesign
Dr. Bechly - an European touch to evolution/creation issues ... martin_r
Dr. Bechly's answers were absolutely clear, logical, well-informed, articulate, and brilliant! Definitely worth watching. -Q Querius
I'm glad Discovery decided to produce this piece without Satan as narrator. I can watch this one. polistra

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