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Researchers revise evolution of vertebrate brain, based on amphioxus

DiMes in amphioxus/University of Murcia, CCBY

From ScienceDaily:

A study recently published in PLOS Biology provides information that substantially changes the prevailing idea about the brain formation process in vertebrates and sheds some light on how it might have evolved.

The findings show that the interpretation maintained hitherto regarding the principal regions formed at the beginning of vertebrate brain development is not correct.

Amphioxus, considered close to vertebrates, was used in the research.

This work shows that the brain of vertebrates must have formed initially from two regions (anterior and posterior), and not three (forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain), as proposed by the current prosomeric model.

The idea that these regions were formed independently and that each one of them has given rise to other regions has been proven to be wrong. “The brain has not evolved in isolation, but rather through the interaction of these primitive animals with the environment,” clarified the lecturer from the UMU. Paper. (public access) – Beatriz Albuixech-Crespo, Laura López-Blanch, Demian Burguera, Ignacio Maeso, Luisa Sánchez-Arrones, Juan Antonio Moreno-Bravo, Ildiko Somorjai, Juan Pascual-Anaya, Eduardo Puelles, Paola Bovolenta, Jordi Garcia-Fernàndez, Luis Puelles, Manuel Irimia, José Luis Ferran. Molecular regionalization of the developing amphioxus neural tube challenges major partitions of the vertebrate brain. PLOS Biology, 2017; 15 (4): e2001573 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.2001573 More.

“The brain has not evolved in isolation, but rather through the interaction of these primitive animals with the environment”?) That sounds right to non-Darwinists but raises a lot of issues around causation. Epigenetics? Horizontal gene transfer? Symbiosis? Hybridization? Once we allow multiple causation, we have left the field of neo-Darwinian (or whatever we want to call it today) biology.

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New information "substantially changes the prevailing idea"? What else is new? Haven't we seen this before? How long may it take before newer information will change their latest idea? And so on, and so on.... constantly surprised by unexpected discoveries. That's what we humans get for doing reductionist bottom-up research of a top-down design. That's what we humans get for lacking humility, for not being open-minded, for not thinking out of wrongly preconceived boxes. That's what we humans get for inserting pseudo-scientific hogwash text within otherwise interesting research papers. Work in progress... stay tuned. Unending Revelation of the Ultimate Reality (c) Complex complexity (c)Dionisio
May 4, 2017
06:38 AM

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