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Some dinosaur parents warmed eggs with their bodies

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skeleton of oviraptor with eggs/EvaK, Wikimedia Commons

From Joel Shurkin at InsideScience:

It’s hard to think of dinosaurs as being loving, caring parents, but scientists have found some of them may have been just that. Take the oviraptorosaurs, a group of feathered creatures that look as if they were constructed by a malignant committee from spare bird parts.

By studying fossilized oviraptorosaur eggs, researchers from France and China have found that oviraptorosaurs lay across those eggs in nests and warmed them with body heat just as modern birds do. Paleontologists had previously theorized that oviraptorosaurs incubated their eggs, but the French-Chinese team came up with the numbers. They also added to the theory that at least some dinosaurs were warm-blooded reptiles. More.

With dinosaurs, as with Neanderthal man, the “ascent of…” model is being challenged in many areas. It used to be thought that dinosaurs were not good parents but mammals were. You now, the ascent of intelligence. It was orderly but there are too many exceptions.

What’s interesting that, while female mammals are obligated to be good parents, at least for while, the dinosaur could just skip away but did not. The stuff of more research!

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