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The Former President of Cornell — Also a Darwinophile


I’ve reported on this blog about the current president of Cornell, Hunter Rawlings, and his recent diatribe against ID (search under “Rawlings” on this blog). Interestingly, the past president of Cornell, Frank Rhodes was very much in the same mold. I heard him speak at a C. S. Lewis Foundation event at Cambridge in 1994 (“Cosmos and Creation: Chance or Dance”). Rhodes is a classic theistic evolutionist, whose theism means absolutely nothing with regard to this scientific understanding of biological evolution. To see this, check out the following note by him, which is now twenty years old: go here. Given the power of Darwinism to delude otherwise worthy intellects, it is unsurprising that even a world renowned scholar at the level of Rhodes would make statements like:

  • “Natural Selection has been convincingly demonstrated.”
  • “It has revolutionized the study of biology.”
  • “What will be required tomorrow? A pre-Copernican universe? Spontaneous generation? Who knows?”
....believing is seeing.... mmadigan
Hey Bill, How about that ol' darwinite fossilosophy...if you don't believe you can't see! mmadigan
The Former President of Cornell From Uncommon Descent. I think Rhodes mistakenly left this out. “If creation science—with all its muddled inconsistencies—is imposed today, what will be required tomorrow? A pre-Copernican universe? Spontaneous generation? Darwinian evolution? ... Teleological Blog

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