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ID on Paula Zahn Now

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[From a colleague:] Last night CNN devoted almost 45 minutes to the ID controversy. CNN’s Religion and Values correspondent Delia Gallagher did the segment on Paula Zahn Now. Most of the show consisted of the usual spin, but Mike Behe got lots of air time and came across well. My favorite part came after interviews with his Lehigh University colleagues made it clear that he was in hot water there, and Mike was asked whether he felt ostracized. He burst into a jovial belly-laugh and said “Sure.” He asked what the point would be in arguing for something everyone already agreed with, and he explained that the history of science is filled with controversies like this. The other highlight of the show for me was the one-on-one between Steve Meyer and Eugenie Scott. I know I’m biased, but Steve came across as much more intelligent, much more confident, and in a much better mood. It was clear from Mike’s and Steve’s performances that despite the hostility from the Darwinists, IDers are having more fun.

Does anyone know if there's a place I can download this whole CNN video? I really want to see it! Takumi4G63
There's a five minute video clip on this accessible from the cnn.com home page right now. It also seems to work if you copy the following into your browser from within the cnn site. javascript:cnnVideo('play','/video/us/2005/11/27/gallagher.id.campus.brawl.cnn','2005/12/04'); Mark. MarkMcLT
The URL for the transcript of the show: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0511/25/pzn.01.html Roger
I must say that i find Eugenie Scott's smug arrogance very irritating... In all the shows i have seen her in... But then perhaps having a spokes person for darwinism with those traits is apt and beneficial for the goal of unseating this naturalistic religion. Marwan_Boustany
I've heard politicians say something to the effect, "There's no such thing as bad publicity." When people hear the arguments and see the evidence, they are able to judge. That unfortunately is why Darwinists don't want people hearing the arguments or seeing the evidence--especially in schools. Red Reader
What really gets to me is the repeated attacks on the honesty of the ID proponents. The accusations that Dembski censors or that Behe ignores evidence are nothing more than lies by people who feel a need to compensate for a lack of any real evidence supporting their side. Behe is an honorable man. Dembski is an honorable man. They are all honorable men. CharlesW

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