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“The Judge Jones School of Law”


A hilarious flash animation of Judge Jones as a pull-string doll appears over at www.overwhelmingevidence.com. The humor is, granted, adolescent, but this is a site for high school students, and they are, after all, the ones that Judge Jones’s decision disenfranchised.

Judge Jones and Friends

Darwin, Eugenie Scott, Richard Dawkins, Somebody Who Looks Sort of Like Russell Humphreys But Is Not, Plus some others. Douglas
Can someone name the rogues for me? I only recognize a couple, though I'm sure I'll recognize the names. Jaz
A regular rogue's gallery there in the background. Good attention to detail! DaveScot
:-D At least he is intelligent enough to undestarnd the right points. Pitty that the true voices aren't used. Does anybody have sent a message to "Jones" about this funny animation? It might be interesting to have his reaction. pegase
Kind of cute, but the farting noises tended to drown out the points. Douglas
Well it gave me a laugh. jwrennie
Not entirely relevant to this blog entry but here is an ID debate I just found: http://www.tvw.org/MediaPlayer/Archived/WME.cfm?EVNum=2006040103&TYPE=V Steve Meyer versus Peter Ward. Enjoy Robo
Perhaps it's juvenile humor, but it's also pretty darn funny. I only marginally followed the Dover case when it was on, and I had no idea the judge was biased and/or incompetent enough to copy huge swaths of legalize right out of the ACLU's documents without batting an eye. And then he became a hero because of it. Amazing. Jared White

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